Saturday, February 18, 2017

I've Moved

     Instead of deleting this blog, for now,  I am going to leave it up as I do go back and look up things I have posted here in the past.
     I have posts from when I first started my blogging experience back in 2004 so I am not ready to hit delete just yet.
  In the search tool you will find loads of recipes, canning recipes, many herb posts, natural dyeing how tos, quilting, weaving, spinning, rock wall project, soap making and so much more, so please feel free to search if you wish to.

I will no longer be posting here. I have decided I just needed a fresh start-a new outlook on my blogging experience.

If you wish to continue reading me and stay friends please follow me to my Hummingbird Blog here  Hope to see you.

My Thoughts on Blogging & Update: Closing This Blog

  I have been in a bit of a slump with blogging-sad that I seem to have lost most of my readers and friends. Of course I do still have a very small handful that comment and visit and I so do appreciate and love all of you.
   I wrote a pity party post here  on my Hummingbird blog.

    As I mentioned in that post; I recently was looking for an old post and had gone way back looking for it. I am thinking times were so different when I first started blogging around 2004. For me it was just an awesome experience meeting new friends from all over the world interacting with them every day. I know things change-such is life and we have to keep up with it or be left behind.
   The world just has really changed for me though on social media-my long time friends from when I first started no longer blog and I miss that-most prefer facebook instead. I really still do not enjoy facebook all that much. 
     Politics over the last 8 years has really changed things too-and I have been dumped by several do to that-which for me is just so sad and narrow minded when one looks at the whole picture.We are all Americans after all and why should that end long time friendships?? that's just the way allot of people think-very sad.
   Back then blogging for me;  there was so much going on with sharing recipes, activities, and much more.  Allot of this I am sure is my own fault I am not as interesting to read any more and to find new friends-and this platform of blogging is extremely difficult to do that. When my other social media sites went down the tubes many of us set up blogs here-mostly to save our past material-but then most left to go elsewhere.
   I have tried starting a couple art blogging events but I can see that is what I would like to do, but no one else is interested so am going to close that down-again.

   Anyways I had contemplated ending my social media sites, but in the end I don't want to do that either-I live a very secluded life-of my choosing and love it-but I do also enjoy visiting with others. I have talked with a couple friends and they have said to me well we are retired and most are not-thinking on that-doesn't matter I was retired when I first learned about social media-so that's not a factor. Perhaps the majority just prefer quick-such as facebook, instagram, twitter etc instead of taking the time to journal or blog, or this is probably all just me-my posts are just not interesting to readers any more. and I am not doing giveaways any more as well-that definately brought in lots of readers lol

Update: I have decided the past is the past-this blog has posts dating back to 2004 when I first started-but allot of the links are now missing as are many photos, and old friends-I have decided to delete this blog. 
      I will leave it up for a bit to give any one interested a chance to read this post-and then delete it. I will keep my Hummingbird blog-link in upper right hand corner. So if any of you would like to follow me please read and interact with me there. 
    I have also deleted that friends list-really silly I think as most are from years ago and no longer visit-I follow blog friends on my own page with a blog list or can follow by email or bloglovin


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