Sunday, February 12, 2017

Mother Nature \s Spoiling Us

  Yesterday was so gorgeous like a warm early summer day-but no bugs no humidity. I totally took advantage of it too.

    I did my 5k fast walk early in the morning, then loaded firewood into the dump trailer. After I completed that we went with friends to enjoy the 83 plus degree day at Bennett Springs. I had a taste for fresh trout and Larry caught me one. While the guys fished us gals went for a long walk along the river. I am sure that was another 3 plus mile hike. A little sore for sure after all that activity but I went out for another 2 1/2 mile walk this morning. I want to do this now every day I can.

  Sooooo enjoyed the day. Lots of people in the park walking too and having picnics-some even wearing shorts.
   Today though high in the 50s-we have not had so far a bad winter here except for several days of bitter cold that's it. I have a feeling as we approach spring Mother Nature will stop spoiling us so much lol

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Enjoy your day everyone.


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