Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Looking Forward to Spring & Yellowstone Virtual Marathon

  Although we have yet to have a real winter here with snow, I am getting tired of all the brown.
   We have been very spoiled here with very warm temps though and then it will go back to cold. Soon we will be back in the 70s for several days-which really  messes with the animals and plants.
   I have weeds growing everywhere, the wild onions and garlic are up, my shallots are peeking through the oak leaves and many more signs.

   I do miss everything being green though-and then I remembered that years ago over 10 at least I posted photos of a walk down and up the driveway to our mail box after a nice rain.  So I went to photobucket-which I have not been using for some time now-and found it hoping this link will work  and it does I just tested it
   The driveway is pretty much the same except it is much rougher now, and we have less wildflowers now too-as that needs a burn to bring them back-this driveway drops off into the woods in spots-so no way to control a fire there.  Miss Calico kitty is there too.

I thought I would share a link to the virtual Yellowstone marathon celebrating 145 years of Yellowstone. The extra monies go towards Yellowstone Park-one can still register up and including race day March 1-when you put your time in they will send you a finishing medal and/or t shirt depending on what you choose. click on link here 
   Since this is a virtual race you can race any day til the end of March-just need to be sure and go back in and report your time to receive the finish medal.
     In April they are doing another virtual race that benefits all of the National Parks-this is fun and keeps me motivated an helps the parks. Here is a photo of the finishing medal My goal is 3 miles a day in a fast walk-yesterday I needed a break as the soreness hadn't worn off yet and I painted all day in the bathroom-but I still got out and did 1 mile. 
    This is kinda what I was doing last spring but was counting steps instead-I like the mental note of miles better lol. 


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