Monday, February 6, 2017

A Glorious Spring Sunday in Feburary

 Just a lovely day to be outdoors yesterday. With no wind, full sunshine, and in the 60'sF could not ask for a better break in Feburary.

  I am a little late but am still gathering cardboard boxes opening them up flat and laying out in the garden to help control spring weeds-which have already started to grow.
   I had not gotten spent veggie and flower plants pulled and moved to the compost pile last fall so I have been working on that when we get nice weather. I have probably almost half the garden laid with cardboard now.
   My new seeds are here for spring and summer planting and I started collecting gallon plastic bottles again for those mini greenhouses-I really loved the outcome of those.
    That area I had been working on behind the garden still has some of those very bad wild weeds growing with deep roots and thorns all over the plants hoping to be able to rid of those this coming growing season. 
    I decided I need one more hog fence to make into another arch-as the trumpet vines are now growing everywhere so the arch will contain them a bit and give the birds more nesting spots. I found a hummingbird nest in the wisteria arch this past fall, and this area is near ponds so perfect for them.
   So that area is coming along. I saved lots and lots of zinnia seeds and bought more so hoping again for another thick bed of flowers for the butterflies and hummingbirds. That drew in so many butterflies last year I want to do that again.

Did spring visit you over the weekend??

Today I have jury duty-I am looking at this as a new adventure lol

Bathroom progress being made too

Have an awesome week everyone

photo from last summer


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