Sunday, January 29, 2017

More Rock Progress & Turmeric & Art Sundays

Yesterday I went through my stash of rocks til I found a rock I loved to set near the towel holder rock. It is a rock I would view allot so I wanted it to make me happy-and this one does-instead of being a heart shaped rock which I have many of this one has a heart design in the rock-loving it!

This area is now getting hard to work in with the tub in place-very dark towards the floor and the water pipes are there too-so I think I will start on the other end of the tub next. 

On another topic totally-I have been taking a turmeric supplement in hopes to ward off alzheimer disease especially and is also to aid in decreasing inflammation in the body-which aids in dealing with arthritis.  After discussing with a friend about the negatives of cortizone shots to aid in the pain and inflammation I started doing some reading online. Found several on alternatives to the shots. One thing that caught my interest was a different more potent form of turmeric which I didn't know about an extract called BCM-95 and the suggested dose was 1000 mg three times a day with food-are any of you familiar with this and perhaps taking it? Does it work for you to get the inflammation and pain down. thanks.  I am thinking now after reading about all the negatives to the shots which I didn't realize there were so many-I am going to stop those cortizone shots and work on finding a healthier alternative.

  Also those of you from blogging days at Yahoo 360 and Multiply-remember Art Sundays??? I always loved that event very much. It was started back up again for a time on the blog Blogster, but that platform was so outdated it did not work well with sharing photos.-Since I really enjoyed that I am going to start that up again on my Hummingbird blog-link in the top right column-everyone is welcome to join in. Here is the first post for details Hope you will join in and share art

Happy Sunday everyone!


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