Saturday, February 18, 2017

I've Moved

     Instead of deleting this blog, for now,  I am going to leave it up as I do go back and look up things I have posted here in the past.
     I have posts from when I first started my blogging experience back in 2004 so I am not ready to hit delete just yet.
  In the search tool you will find loads of recipes, canning recipes, many herb posts, natural dyeing how tos, quilting, weaving, spinning, rock wall project, soap making and so much more, so please feel free to search if you wish to.

I will no longer be posting here. I have decided I just needed a fresh start-a new outlook on my blogging experience.

If you wish to continue reading me and stay friends please follow me to my Hummingbird Blog here  Hope to see you.

My Thoughts on Blogging & Update: Closing This Blog

  I have been in a bit of a slump with blogging-sad that I seem to have lost most of my readers and friends. Of course I do still have a very small handful that comment and visit and I so do appreciate and love all of you.
   I wrote a pity party post here  on my Hummingbird blog.

    As I mentioned in that post; I recently was looking for an old post and had gone way back looking for it. I am thinking times were so different when I first started blogging around 2004. For me it was just an awesome experience meeting new friends from all over the world interacting with them every day. I know things change-such is life and we have to keep up with it or be left behind.
   The world just has really changed for me though on social media-my long time friends from when I first started no longer blog and I miss that-most prefer facebook instead. I really still do not enjoy facebook all that much. 
     Politics over the last 8 years has really changed things too-and I have been dumped by several do to that-which for me is just so sad and narrow minded when one looks at the whole picture.We are all Americans after all and why should that end long time friendships?? that's just the way allot of people think-very sad.
   Back then blogging for me;  there was so much going on with sharing recipes, activities, and much more.  Allot of this I am sure is my own fault I am not as interesting to read any more and to find new friends-and this platform of blogging is extremely difficult to do that. When my other social media sites went down the tubes many of us set up blogs here-mostly to save our past material-but then most left to go elsewhere.
   I have tried starting a couple art blogging events but I can see that is what I would like to do, but no one else is interested so am going to close that down-again.

   Anyways I had contemplated ending my social media sites, but in the end I don't want to do that either-I live a very secluded life-of my choosing and love it-but I do also enjoy visiting with others. I have talked with a couple friends and they have said to me well we are retired and most are not-thinking on that-doesn't matter I was retired when I first learned about social media-so that's not a factor. Perhaps the majority just prefer quick-such as facebook, instagram, twitter etc instead of taking the time to journal or blog, or this is probably all just me-my posts are just not interesting to readers any more. and I am not doing giveaways any more as well-that definately brought in lots of readers lol

Update: I have decided the past is the past-this blog has posts dating back to 2004 when I first started-but allot of the links are now missing as are many photos, and old friends-I have decided to delete this blog. 
      I will leave it up for a bit to give any one interested a chance to read this post-and then delete it. I will keep my Hummingbird blog-link in upper right hand corner. So if any of you would like to follow me please read and interact with me there. 
    I have also deleted that friends list-really silly I think as most are from years ago and no longer visit-I follow blog friends on my own page with a blog list or can follow by email or bloglovin

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Looking Forward to Spring & Yellowstone Virtual Marathon

  Although we have yet to have a real winter here with snow, I am getting tired of all the brown.
   We have been very spoiled here with very warm temps though and then it will go back to cold. Soon we will be back in the 70s for several days-which really  messes with the animals and plants.
   I have weeds growing everywhere, the wild onions and garlic are up, my shallots are peeking through the oak leaves and many more signs.

   I do miss everything being green though-and then I remembered that years ago over 10 at least I posted photos of a walk down and up the driveway to our mail box after a nice rain.  So I went to photobucket-which I have not been using for some time now-and found it hoping this link will work  and it does I just tested it
   The driveway is pretty much the same except it is much rougher now, and we have less wildflowers now too-as that needs a burn to bring them back-this driveway drops off into the woods in spots-so no way to control a fire there.  Miss Calico kitty is there too.

I thought I would share a link to the virtual Yellowstone marathon celebrating 145 years of Yellowstone. The extra monies go towards Yellowstone Park-one can still register up and including race day March 1-when you put your time in they will send you a finishing medal and/or t shirt depending on what you choose. click on link here 
   Since this is a virtual race you can race any day til the end of March-just need to be sure and go back in and report your time to receive the finish medal.
     In April they are doing another virtual race that benefits all of the National Parks-this is fun and keeps me motivated an helps the parks. Here is a photo of the finishing medal My goal is 3 miles a day in a fast walk-yesterday I needed a break as the soreness hadn't worn off yet and I painted all day in the bathroom-but I still got out and did 1 mile. 
    This is kinda what I was doing last spring but was counting steps instead-I like the mental note of miles better lol. 

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Mother Nature \s Spoiling Us

  Yesterday was so gorgeous like a warm early summer day-but no bugs no humidity. I totally took advantage of it too.

    I did my 5k fast walk early in the morning, then loaded firewood into the dump trailer. After I completed that we went with friends to enjoy the 83 plus degree day at Bennett Springs. I had a taste for fresh trout and Larry caught me one. While the guys fished us gals went for a long walk along the river. I am sure that was another 3 plus mile hike. A little sore for sure after all that activity but I went out for another 2 1/2 mile walk this morning. I want to do this now every day I can.

  Sooooo enjoyed the day. Lots of people in the park walking too and having picnics-some even wearing shorts.
   Today though high in the 50s-we have not had so far a bad winter here except for several days of bitter cold that's it. I have a feeling as we approach spring Mother Nature will stop spoiling us so much lol

  If you enjoy art and/or crafts please stop by my sharing event for Art on a Sunday at my Hummingbird blog

Enjoy your day everyone.

Monday, February 6, 2017

A Glorious Spring Sunday in Feburary

 Just a lovely day to be outdoors yesterday. With no wind, full sunshine, and in the 60'sF could not ask for a better break in Feburary.

  I am a little late but am still gathering cardboard boxes opening them up flat and laying out in the garden to help control spring weeds-which have already started to grow.
   I had not gotten spent veggie and flower plants pulled and moved to the compost pile last fall so I have been working on that when we get nice weather. I have probably almost half the garden laid with cardboard now.
   My new seeds are here for spring and summer planting and I started collecting gallon plastic bottles again for those mini greenhouses-I really loved the outcome of those.
    That area I had been working on behind the garden still has some of those very bad wild weeds growing with deep roots and thorns all over the plants hoping to be able to rid of those this coming growing season. 
    I decided I need one more hog fence to make into another arch-as the trumpet vines are now growing everywhere so the arch will contain them a bit and give the birds more nesting spots. I found a hummingbird nest in the wisteria arch this past fall, and this area is near ponds so perfect for them.
   So that area is coming along. I saved lots and lots of zinnia seeds and bought more so hoping again for another thick bed of flowers for the butterflies and hummingbirds. That drew in so many butterflies last year I want to do that again.

Did spring visit you over the weekend??

Today I have jury duty-I am looking at this as a new adventure lol

Bathroom progress being made too

Have an awesome week everyone

photo from last summer

Sunday, January 29, 2017

More Rock Progress & Turmeric & Art Sundays

Yesterday I went through my stash of rocks til I found a rock I loved to set near the towel holder rock. It is a rock I would view allot so I wanted it to make me happy-and this one does-instead of being a heart shaped rock which I have many of this one has a heart design in the rock-loving it!

This area is now getting hard to work in with the tub in place-very dark towards the floor and the water pipes are there too-so I think I will start on the other end of the tub next. 

On another topic totally-I have been taking a turmeric supplement in hopes to ward off alzheimer disease especially and is also to aid in decreasing inflammation in the body-which aids in dealing with arthritis.  After discussing with a friend about the negatives of cortizone shots to aid in the pain and inflammation I started doing some reading online. Found several on alternatives to the shots. One thing that caught my interest was a different more potent form of turmeric which I didn't know about an extract called BCM-95 and the suggested dose was 1000 mg three times a day with food-are any of you familiar with this and perhaps taking it? Does it work for you to get the inflammation and pain down. thanks.  I am thinking now after reading about all the negatives to the shots which I didn't realize there were so many-I am going to stop those cortizone shots and work on finding a healthier alternative.

  Also those of you from blogging days at Yahoo 360 and Multiply-remember Art Sundays??? I always loved that event very much. It was started back up again for a time on the blog Blogster, but that platform was so outdated it did not work well with sharing photos.-Since I really enjoyed that I am going to start that up again on my Hummingbird blog-link in the top right column-everyone is welcome to join in. Here is the first post for details Hope you will join in and share art

Happy Sunday everyone!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Rock Progress

  If you are just visiting check my last post for information on this project.
This is about 7-8 hours of work in the last two days. My what just a couple years makes in the flexibility of my  body lol-I am constantly getting up and down from sitting on the floor and also changing the water-outdoors. Brrr back to cold  today too

This is kind of a difficult area to work in around the tub, but not too bad. This summer I am going to have to go searching for more rocks for the long wall in the back-that is always a fun day though

Monday, January 23, 2017

I am Playing With Rocks Again

Happy Monday!

    I don't think I have followers here any more from my Yahoo 360 and Multiply blogging days-but back then-and it has been several years now I started a rock project in my bathroom.  If you use the search tool and put in rock shower allot of posts with photos should still come up-
   My shower was finished several years ago, and I started on this corner area where the claw foot tub is and got one wall done and worked up to this area of the tub. Since we only have one bathroom in our home it is difficult to work and still be able to use it.  Also back  in '08 when the economy tanked going forward til just a couple years ago hubby had to restart his business and go back to work. 
   The above photos will enlarge more-just click on them. I believe one of the last rocks I placed was that large one to the left in second photo. That rock was a really awesome find as it has a big ball type formation that works perfect for a towel hook-love it.  All the rocks I found on our property here, or in nearby streams. The rock shower also has many rocks from all over the world from blog friends that mailed me a rock-really love that too.
   Long story short-our bathroom is still not finished. I did texture my walls which I have posted photos of, but have not finished those do to wanting to get the ceiling finished and on it goes lol. If you put in the search tool tissue paper walls posts with photos should come up.
    So anyways Larry just can not physically do this kind of work any more, I have gotten busy having fun with spinning etc--but last week he decided to hire a couple we know that work together well doing house projects. So I am excited about the possibility of our bathroom getting finished. We had collected vintage light fixtures, a very awesome sink and faucet set up so I am getting more excited all the time.
    Today I sorted through rocks and got busy putting up rocks in this area. I am planning to stick with this project and put up all the rocks that I am able to. The tub will need to come out so I can do the back wall and also to get the tile on the floor in place. 

So this is my new project do you have one??

We are still having spring weather so still able to get my veggie garden set for spring. Nice to be able to get outdoors for a walk again and work a little

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Good Morning

Last night we had a "spring" rain storm with lots of noise and lightening-pretty wild for January lol Just as I started posting this another strong rain storm has arrived.

Enjoy your new week ahead

Monday, January 9, 2017

Good Morning

Good Morning awesome friends!

       I started baking up some roll out cookies last nite, finishing them up this morning. I am making gluten free batches of peanut butter and gingerbread. Using animal cutters of bear, moose, howling wolf, dragonfly, bison and more in anticipation of our Yellowstone trip and to brighten up these cold wintry days here too-thought these would be fun and may just make a batch for us when the trip arrives. Will be surprising my travel partner with these later on today.-Fun!!

     Have a Happy day.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Happy New Year Everyone!!

   Wow it's the start of a brand new year already. 2016 for some reason just really flew by on me.

   I hope this new year brings me to have more compassion for my neighbors and also a better understanding of each other. How can we all get along if we don't all at least try?

  I wanted to drop in and say hello to everyone-and also since all of my readers are special to me-please use coupon code special for 10% off any item(s) in my etsy shop-link on my left side bar.

  Happy New Year!!



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