Sunday, December 18, 2016

Merry Christmas Happy Holidays

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday season to all

  Like many of you we here in the Ozarks-Missouri, are also having a very cold December so far. This morning we are a -1 degree f with wind chills -15 so not going outdoors today except to feed the deer this afternoon.
    I have not done anything for the season so far, except to make lots of handmade soap to pass out to a few friends this coming week. I will start some baking tomorrow just so it feels more festive here. 
    I am still working on setting up a weaving project, reading, and drinking lots of hot tea and hot cocoa, and watching Hallmark's two channels of Christmas movies.

   Wishing you all Good Holidays in the coming weeks.

    Stay warm and cozy everyone.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Welcome in December

    Good morning everyone,  I am actually happy to see December come in this year and as the New Year approaches hopefully a new beginning for all us-mostly to work together for unity, prosperity, and happiness.
     Hoping with the new direction of our country our youth will learn to take value in hard work again and to strive for self accomplishment rather than a hand out
  Just my own personal opinion of course. 

     I will have to say this is the first year of my life that I actually feel like a senior. My body is going through some big changes I am not happy with but my family doctor tells me it comes with age-so be it and am working on accepting these changes.  I need to get serious about more exercises, and really for once in my live change my snacking choices.  I have been blessed in the past of never having to concern myself with such things-but times for me are a changing lol         I had such a bad case of allergies and such last summer and fall that we ended up doing several tests just to be sure of some things-those so far were all positive results. I have one more test end of this month. Sometimes it is just a good thing to know and not wonder about. Put my mind at ease if nothing else.

Happy Dancing News:  December 1st the motel reservations for next year at the Alpine Motel in West Yellowstone opened up. I tried to get a time when this started but the owner never really gave me one-he did say that he would take the calls and emails in the order they came in.
      My friend and I really wanted his one room with the kitchen so we could fill the frig and do our own cooking. 
      This motel is a family owned and run business and his prices for the rooms are so affordable compared to everywhere else I have seen-we would not be able to go on this trip otherwise.
     So I set the alarm to wake up at 1 am which would be midnight his time and sent in an email as to our choices, my friend called in around 8am and left a message-we discovered he was taking no calls so had to leave a phone message-I am thinking this way he could sort through the time stamps on the emails and the calls.
     We both waited patiently on the 1st waiting for the phone to ring-no calls-sigh. 
    Yesterday I went over to my friends to help her cut out and bake over 100 christmas cookies for a church event. So I called in and left a message that we were going crazy waiting and we just would love a call as to if we got in or not. he called and we did!!  
      We got the kitchen and the days we wanted-May is allot less expensive than June and the other summer months and allot less people in the park which is a biggy for us.We also chose this time to view all the baby animals. 
     We chose the week before memorial day so we would be out of the park just before that day. Being this late in May hopefully no snow storms which close roads in the park-but we do know that is possible as it is in June as well.
     So together baking cookies we had big smiles lol

    My friend has a son in the military that wants to join us if he doesn't get deployed. He would love to drive us around too--so now the planning begins. Larry has already bought us a GPS to use for the trip and I just bought a new digital camera since my old one will not hold a charge on the battery. This new Canon has more pixels too.

   So that's the big news for me. I just finished with the spinning project I had been working on-picked that all up off the floor now-and on to threading my loom for a long over do project for a friend.  Watching Hallmark Christmas movies, baking cookies, candies and other fun holiday treats.

   The deer are back eating corn that I put out for them this week. Looks like our little group made it out safe from hunting season so far.  We have an abundance of acorns in the woods this year and since it has been warm til this week,  no need for them to search for the corn. We so enjoy watching them. I need to dig out my seed feeders over the weekend as we will be very frigid cold here next week.

Happy December and Holidays to all of you!!


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