Saturday, November 26, 2016

Time for Peace-Unity-Loving Your Neighbor

  It is time to unite our country as one people, one nation, and to love one another 
     We here in the States are ALL Americans of one Great Nation  It is time to unite and give the new President Elect a chance we have done this in our past history-it's time.

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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Saturday, November 12, 2016

It's Time To Unite my Political View


 This was a very heated Presidential race. There is a winner and we must all come together now and unite our country. 
    Those of us that were against the last 8 years of this administration's policies and beliefs were upset and mad but we did not riot and burn flags-it's a freedom we have here to demonstrate but to burn our nations flag and to continue to do so on Veteran's Days????  not acceptable in my eyes.

    We must be kind to each other. We have lost that over the years.

    I know I am a senior now and was raised into a different world than it is now. I did live during the hippie years, the woman's rights movements, and the Viet Nam war when our soldiers were Not welcomed home-a disgrace. My husband will always carry scars from that disrespect being booed and spat on when he stepped back on his homeland. History shows that there are always troubling times but in the end we work it out together as a united country.

     Now I have seen electronics especially smart phones taking over the lives of the younger generation-they no longer need to learn how to think for themselves, This can and should be used as a tool to perhaps better our lives but not used as an obsession. 
     Most would not know how to live or even survive if the world came crashing down on them-very sad in my eyes. Not to know how to do simple math? not to know how to write? Our youth are not getting a basic education any more. I have seen this first hand.

    I can see now more clearly than ever how our country is divided into two major views-one leans towards socialism and wants the government to take care of you-pay for everything; what they forget is by the "government" paying for their wants and needs they don't seem to understand that here in the States- government is "we the people"  So you are asking every American citizen that is a taxpayer to pay for you instead of you working hard on your own to obtain what you desire. Is that fair?
      and the other side of the divide remembers why our country fought to be free-the revolutionary war was to break from that kind of thinking and become a free nation. 

    We have allot of work ahead of us-a tall order for the new administration to bring two opposing views together.  We must try though and stop the hatred and flag burning. We must remember why we became the United States of America in the first place. We have shown in the past why democracy works so it's time to unite and continue to love our country and support her.  Those that continue to say they hate us, disrespect our nation's flag and continue to say they want to leave-I say then do that-go and become a citizen of the country's ideals you believe in and live there-don't change our country to your liking.


Wednesday, November 9, 2016

God Bless America

God Bless America  

     I ended up watching the results on a local channel that admitted to their viewers that they blew it-they were not listening, they were so concerned and reported mostly on ethnic groups during this election and on their own views and totally forgot about rural America, your average citizen and the people that did not have college degrees. I think this is the first time I have ever heard news people admit that they got it wrong and were almost apologizing.
     I was actually offended though on how the news people were constantly stating the Americans with no college degrees-(why do they have to catagorize everyone?? we are All Americans-nothing less nothing more).
     ya know what I guess it comes down to is "street sense"  "common sense", your laborers, farmers, ranchers your hard working class of Americans have spoken. 
   Perhaps Washington will listen now.


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