Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Good Morning Everyone

  Loving October so far, although we are in much need of  rain here as we got missed last weekend. So no outdoor work for me til we get a good rain.

  I did get a couple dye projects in last month and still spinning-see here

   We were treated to a fish fry last friday evening. Three couples total and we had such a good time. The guys have been going fishing in Larry's new fishing boat so one friend took all the catfish home cleaned and set up his fryer-he even made a batch gluten free for me. We all brought a dish to pass so good eats with good company.
   This was really nice for the two of us, as we have  not done something like this in years and years. I think we all get along so well that we will be doing this again soon.

   So how have you all been?? The leaves are just thinking about changing colors here-always so pretty when they do. The deer are not coming by on a daily basis for some reason, have seen or heard a few turkeys and the hummingbirds have now left the area.  Neither of us has seen one for three days now so just took down their feeders to clean and then store.
   Now to put up some seed feeders.

Enjoy your day!


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