Monday, September 19, 2016

Ouch--- Bit Twice by One of the Huge Bees Here

  This summer these really huge bees had found their way to the hummingbird's sugar water. Not unusual to have to work my way around the wasps-honey bees-or other bees loving the hummingbirds nectar.

  This year we have had these huge ones-I will see if I can get a photo. Not as many right now, they are not aggressive, but this morning I took a feeder down to fill and didn't see any bees on there-but when I turned it over to fill-ouch there was one there I hadn't seen. Was it ever painful and swelled up my ring finger fast-I am glad I thought to take my wedding band off. 
   This hurt worse than when I got bit by those bad spiders or red wasps.
   I soaked it right away in strong vinegar water for about an hour and took a Benydryl-I keep that around for bites like this as it helps to fight off the swelling as does the vinegar. I then used baking soda paste and after four hours took another Benydryl. It still hurts allot but the swelling has gone down from what it was.
  and Yes bees and wasps do bite-you feel the difference as for me it hurts worse-but there is no stinger to contend with.

  That was my excitement for the day lol and blew off my afternoon with a nap. oh well
  Happy Monday everyone.


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