Thursday, September 1, 2016

Happy First Day of September & Do You Exercise??

  For me August just totally flew by-and sooo fast. July was a rough month and seemed to drag on forever. I am so happy for September as that means fall is just a few weeks away.

  Fall has always been my most favorite time of year. Love the changing fall colors, deep blue skies, and we usually start seeing more deer up by the house.

  The hummingbirds are almost all gone-we still have a couple dozen but I am only filling the feeders twice a day now opposed to 4 or 5 times a day as I had been doing last part of July.

  On another note:

  The last year and a half for me I have gained too much weight (around 8 pounds), and my body is just really changing too-perhaps it is do to my age now-and last year we didn't get in firewood as I had turned the furnace on for winter for the first time ever here. I always had lost 5 pounds from that work out before winter began.
    I stopped walking in June do to the hot weather, rain and all the bugs here, and my left knee started acting up again, which frightened me a bit-as no way do I want surgery of any kind. I really enjoyed the walking-I will take that up again once the humidity is out of here later in the month-just not try to get 8000 steps a day any more.
   So even though I am always doing something in the house-I am not getting much needed exercise.
   I never was one for routine exercise though-never could stick with it, and I am someone that never had to worry about my weight.
   So this week I decided to jump on my ski machine I think it is called by nordic trak which I have had for probably 30 years-and just sits there lol I sure some of you can relate lol  So I grabbed the timer and set it for 5 minutes-wow a huge wake up call on how out of shape I am in now. This morning is the 6th day and it finally went easier-didn't aggravate my asthma this morning and it actually went good. Next week I will add 5 minutes in the evening. 

  I have also never been a big one to drink water throughout the day or actually drink much liquids during the day-so today I am working on that-drink a glass of water in the morning-do my 5 minute exercise and then have my hot tea or decaf coffee. Work on getting another glass or two of water  down during the day. We have good well water here too-so there is no excuse-our well was drilled so deep that it is in an underground river. One of the things that we loved when we bought our property here.

  5 minutes sounds like nothing especially after watching the olympics but when you haven't done any form of physical exercise since early June-- Wow 5 minutes at first seems like a long time. 
   Now it's sticking to it-I am determined to lose 5 pounds and keep it off which for me right now will be a real challenge. I have also gotten into a bad habit of snacking at night while watching tv-I am working on that too-looking for healthier alternatives.

Those of you, seniors especially, that are reading this--how do you stay physically fit??

Have an awesome September everyone!


  1. Hi Kathy! I walk about two miles a day either outside or a with a video walking program. I know it's not much, but it keeps the joints from freezing, lol. Btw, I just post me bowl on my blog. ;)

  2. I can relate lol my exercise bike sits in the corner with washing drying on it, they are so good for that!
    But 5 minutes on it and my thighs groan and like you, I realise my energy levels have plummeted!
    We do slow down and its part of the ageing game and unless we were athletically inclined before, I figure its inevitable.
    No excuse of course for not walking more, doing more - but then .... tomorrow is another day ....

  3. I am in that "senior" category. I started walking almost every day over 30 years ago. A mile was my goal, most often met. I walk at sunset, which saved me many times this HOT summer. I have a Fitbit step monitor, and started out with the standard, 10,000 steps per day. I've had to lower that goal, however, as I've gotten older, and now I'm at 6,000. Some days I reach my goal, some not. One good tip is when I run errands, I park a distance from my destination and walk to it. I'm always amazed how many steps doing that can add. Nor do I think to drink as much water as I should, in spite of a great well. My weight is stable thanks to genetics, but water is always healthy. Be careful of the Nordic Trac with a hurty knee.

  4. You know i get a routine going and it never fails summer always knocks me out... I can only handle so much heat and humidity... Some people are more active in the summer but i'am the opposite... give me Fall Winter and Spring.. Nope i'm not exercising much except keeping the grass knocked back...and we've had enough rain this year to make that a But i totally plan on getting back into walking starting soon here... I also have some hand weights downstairs by the TV and i plan on using those during commercials in the evening... Theres lots of little things i think i can do to improve my health and i'd like to... I don't care for water....just don't... but i make it a point to drink 2 20oz bottles a day...thats not alot but i feel better when i do... Good going on the ski machine Kathy! Wow! I've never used one of those... We can do this Kathy ! We can take better care of ourselves. :) Hugs! deb

  5. Depending on the definition, I may or may not be a "senior." But I have started walking a lot. Like another commenter stated, I park a little further away to add steps. I do use an activity tracker to keep up with steps for motivation. I found an indoor walking track that I can go to (free.) So I try to make that at least three times a week.
    I have always been a water drinker - mainly because I never tolerated milk well as a child and water was the other choice most days at our house. I got a nice water bottle (non-insulated) that I now use daily. It has a wrist strap that makes it really convenient for walking (and when full adds a "weight" to the carrying hand.)
    Since most of my "hobbies" are sedentary, the walking is very important.
    The good news? I have lost 4 pounds in 4-5 months. I confess that making better food choices has helped with that also.

  6. I do feel better drinking water and ya know I'm a walker. I think the more you can incorporate "exercise" into your lifestyle, like your wood, the better. :) :) ENJOY!

  7. Right now I think the most exercise I get is scratching mosquito Bites!! They are taking over the world. Zika is the big joke here...until they actually find their way north. I know I should exercise but a foot situation is keeping me away from it. Hopefully I will get that taken care of this winter. BUT, I HAVE started to drink more water and no pop. THAT is a HUGE step for me.
    xx, Carol

  8. Good to hear you are getting some exercise again Kathy and drinking plenty really helps. I Do some Tai Chi most days and now have a student I teach at home but I really enjoy going down to our little park just a short distance away and overlooking the harbour, its great breathing in all that fresh air off the sea and I can get down to some real training that my studio is too small to do it in, in the warmer weather I always take wwater with me and usually drink it all before its time to go home!

  9. keep at it. Exercise and water are really good for you. Enjoy the fall. I know it is here, the temp has dropped and I am a happy person

    1. Hi Susan we are back to a very hot and steamy week again-I think the temps will drop again over the coming weekend


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