Sunday, September 4, 2016

Dutch Oven Baking Today-Photos

  Today was the perfect day to try out my new outdoor hearth area and also my new Lodge 12 quart dutch oven. 

  Very low wind, no humidity, and no high temperatures or heat indexes today.
   I decided to make two apple pies one for hubby and one gluten free one for me-which the gluten free pie crust is still a major challenge for me. Did not turn out pretty but I did manage to get the gluten free pie crust into the pan and over the pie-now to see how it tastes. The pie that is not so pretty in the photos is the gluten free one.

   I had apples to use so asked Larry if he wanted raisins or fresh blueberries to go with the apples and he said both -lol so that's what I did. a apple-raisin-blueberry pie for sweetening I used coconut sugar, for thickening I use instant tapioca, for spice I used Penzey's apple pie spice.

   I use trivets inside the dutch ovens and then set the pies on top and then the lid. I place coals on top of the lid and also around the bottom of the dutch oven but not underneath. The cast iron I used for my pie did not have legs so found a trivet to place it on and then again coals on top and coals around the bottom but not underneath.

  I used pottery glazed pie pans, and I did place some parchment paper inside under the trivet in case the blueberries ran over-and it did on my pie so glad I did that-no clean up.

  I am soooo thrilled that my hearth area worked out well for this. I do need to buy more of the red bricks that I use as a wind shield so I can stack those two high-at the time I could not visualize how many to get.

Here are some photos: (click to enlarge)


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