Saturday, September 24, 2016

Good Morning Saturday & Linky Parties Question

Good morning everyone,

   Any plans for your weekends?  Yesterday I did more dutch oven baking with a gluten free upside down cake-which actually baked better than in my gas oven in less time. This cake is difficult to bake done in the middle so in the house oven half way into the baking time I put a piece of parchment paper on top and then check often til done-but outdoors it baked much more evenly.
    I only use mixes for a couple gluten free baked goods as I know it will turn out and sometimes just easier. The fruit I used in this one was a can of drained no sugar fruit cocktail and diced fresh pears. I set up the dutch oven the same as when I do my pies-on a trivet inside the dutch oven in a glass or glazed pottery pan, coals on top and on the bottom around the edge just barely under the oven. Next time though I will place maybe two or three hot coals under the dutch oven around the center so for this it will carmalize better -but was very pleased.

   I ended up doing a grilled friday too-grilled italian brats, pork and beans doctored up a bit, grilled onions, peppers, my own canned chantrelle mushrooms-the cake was dessert.

   I am off to take a short walk this morning and gather up some more goldenrod before it gets rained on -thinking of experimenting dyeing artists papers-not sure yet.

Those of you that set up linky parties here on your blog-what company or sites do you like to use?? I tried a couple for my Creativity Wednesdays on my Hummingbird Woodland Studio blog and one I just couldn't get to work-and the other one I didn't like, had to pay to personalize it which I thought was a bit much?  Anyways if I get allot of participation a link set up would be nicer for everyone. so any help would be appreciated  Thank you

    Enjoy your weekend-we have a cold front moving in with some rain and promises of fall weather-looking forward to it.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Ouch--- Bit Twice by One of the Huge Bees Here

  This summer these really huge bees had found their way to the hummingbird's sugar water. Not unusual to have to work my way around the wasps-honey bees-or other bees loving the hummingbirds nectar.

  This year we have had these huge ones-I will see if I can get a photo. Not as many right now, they are not aggressive, but this morning I took a feeder down to fill and didn't see any bees on there-but when I turned it over to fill-ouch there was one there I hadn't seen. Was it ever painful and swelled up my ring finger fast-I am glad I thought to take my wedding band off. 
   This hurt worse than when I got bit by those bad spiders or red wasps.
   I soaked it right away in strong vinegar water for about an hour and took a Benydryl-I keep that around for bites like this as it helps to fight off the swelling as does the vinegar. I then used baking soda paste and after four hours took another Benydryl. It still hurts allot but the swelling has gone down from what it was.
  and Yes bees and wasps do bite-you feel the difference as for me it hurts worse-but there is no stinger to contend with.

  That was my excitement for the day lol and blew off my afternoon with a nap. oh well
  Happy Monday everyone.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Introducing Creativity Wednesdays

Good morning Thursday,

     For all of you that read me and love to do art and/or crafts I have started a new blog just for that Hummingbird Woodland Studio   (Kathyinozarks blog will still be my everything else "doings" blog)

   I have also set up a link in the upper right hand sidebar to find me there and visit. 

  This week I decided to set up a link event to share our creativity---Creativity Wednesdays.Thought this would be a fun event to share what we are creating. Any craft, art, even a special recipe, or something handmade for the garden.
    I have set up a link also in the upper right hand column-and would love to have you join in. If you click on the photo it will take you to the information post about our link event. On any Wednesday just pop on over to Hummingbird Woodland Studio with a link to your post.
   Hope you will join us

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Dutch Oven Baking Today-Photos

  Today was the perfect day to try out my new outdoor hearth area and also my new Lodge 12 quart dutch oven. 

  Very low wind, no humidity, and no high temperatures or heat indexes today.
   I decided to make two apple pies one for hubby and one gluten free one for me-which the gluten free pie crust is still a major challenge for me. Did not turn out pretty but I did manage to get the gluten free pie crust into the pan and over the pie-now to see how it tastes. The pie that is not so pretty in the photos is the gluten free one.

   I had apples to use so asked Larry if he wanted raisins or fresh blueberries to go with the apples and he said both -lol so that's what I did. a apple-raisin-blueberry pie for sweetening I used coconut sugar, for thickening I use instant tapioca, for spice I used Penzey's apple pie spice.

   I use trivets inside the dutch ovens and then set the pies on top and then the lid. I place coals on top of the lid and also around the bottom of the dutch oven but not underneath. The cast iron I used for my pie did not have legs so found a trivet to place it on and then again coals on top and coals around the bottom but not underneath.

  I used pottery glazed pie pans, and I did place some parchment paper inside under the trivet in case the blueberries ran over-and it did on my pie so glad I did that-no clean up.

  I am soooo thrilled that my hearth area worked out well for this. I do need to buy more of the red bricks that I use as a wind shield so I can stack those two high-at the time I could not visualize how many to get.

Here are some photos: (click to enlarge)

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Happy First Day of September & Do You Exercise??

  For me August just totally flew by-and sooo fast. July was a rough month and seemed to drag on forever. I am so happy for September as that means fall is just a few weeks away.

  Fall has always been my most favorite time of year. Love the changing fall colors, deep blue skies, and we usually start seeing more deer up by the house.

  The hummingbirds are almost all gone-we still have a couple dozen but I am only filling the feeders twice a day now opposed to 4 or 5 times a day as I had been doing last part of July.

  On another note:

  The last year and a half for me I have gained too much weight (around 8 pounds), and my body is just really changing too-perhaps it is do to my age now-and last year we didn't get in firewood as I had turned the furnace on for winter for the first time ever here. I always had lost 5 pounds from that work out before winter began.
    I stopped walking in June do to the hot weather, rain and all the bugs here, and my left knee started acting up again, which frightened me a bit-as no way do I want surgery of any kind. I really enjoyed the walking-I will take that up again once the humidity is out of here later in the month-just not try to get 8000 steps a day any more.
   So even though I am always doing something in the house-I am not getting much needed exercise.
   I never was one for routine exercise though-never could stick with it, and I am someone that never had to worry about my weight.
   So this week I decided to jump on my ski machine I think it is called by nordic trak which I have had for probably 30 years-and just sits there lol I sure some of you can relate lol  So I grabbed the timer and set it for 5 minutes-wow a huge wake up call on how out of shape I am in now. This morning is the 6th day and it finally went easier-didn't aggravate my asthma this morning and it actually went good. Next week I will add 5 minutes in the evening. 

  I have also never been a big one to drink water throughout the day or actually drink much liquids during the day-so today I am working on that-drink a glass of water in the morning-do my 5 minute exercise and then have my hot tea or decaf coffee. Work on getting another glass or two of water  down during the day. We have good well water here too-so there is no excuse-our well was drilled so deep that it is in an underground river. One of the things that we loved when we bought our property here.

  5 minutes sounds like nothing especially after watching the olympics but when you haven't done any form of physical exercise since early June-- Wow 5 minutes at first seems like a long time. 
   Now it's sticking to it-I am determined to lose 5 pounds and keep it off which for me right now will be a real challenge. I have also gotten into a bad habit of snacking at night while watching tv-I am working on that too-looking for healthier alternatives.

Those of you, seniors especially, that are reading this--how do you stay physically fit??

Have an awesome September everyone!


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