Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Happy First Week of August-and Keeping Busy

  How is your summer going so far??  

We have pretty much been "stuck" in the house so far do to either days of rain (unusual for this time of year here) or hot and steamy.

I am still working on my spinning, and this past month I have gone through my piles of wool and seperated out the bags that were unwashed fleeces and getting those washed up. I have gotten both the grey and the white romney all washed up-wow what a difference in how the wool looks and feels, especially the white. 
    Today I am working on some wool that my fellow Missourian friend sent me-there are a couple different kinds in the bag so starting with the white first. 
    Next up after that collection of wools is some Rambouillet I bought-I wanted to see how it washed and carded up compared to commercial Rambouillet roving.  and then I have a rare bag of North Ronaldsay I bought from England-and then lastly I still have lots of my Navajo Churro to wash up. My goal is to have this all washed up before winter arrives. 
   Then I can play with the carding, and also my blending board which I have yet to work with-and I saw a video on how to make roving with a diz off the board which sounds fun to do.
   Here is a photo of new diz-couldn't resist a buffalo to go with my bear diz lol   It is from The Dancing Goats on Etsy-my teacher for spinning last year This copper with enamels over it-the beard tip is really sharp so I may need to see if I smooth that out a bit.

   My little veggie garden has given me enough green beans to eat and also to freeze. Not enough cucumbers to can so we have been eating and sharing those so far. My tomatoes are so so and not giving me enough to can-but a neighbor friend has loads of them so she sent me home with enough to can salsa with. I did that yesterday and this batch turned out really tasty. If she still has extras to giveaway I will make up and can some tomato soup which I really enjoy having in the pantry.

And and I am planning a trip to Yellowstone National Park with the same neighbor friend in May. Happy dancing!!
     We are both so excited and we are both doing research for the trip. We have the motel picked out and it has one room with a full kitchen so I will be calling on the day they start taking next year's reservations so we can get that kitchen. Neither one of us is into depending on expensive eateries for food.  I called the chamber of commerce of that town and asked about grocery stores and learned although they have two small ones they are very expensive-she told me to shop for food before we arrive as the closest large grocery store is two hours away. 
      From Missouri- Mapquest offers three routes and we will be taking the one that goes through the bottom of South Dakota which will be so much more interesting than driving through the state of Nebraska. I am learning about more National parks out that way too-so hoping to catch a few of them going and coming back.  I didn't know about Teddy Roosevelt National Park that is located in northern North Dakota. That one sounds awesome as it is full of wild horses- bit out of our way so will play that by ear.
    Anyways always fun to plan and look forward to something. The last time I went on a vacation type trip like this was when I lived at home before my senior year. So if this works out will be fun.

   Still have not had the chance to cook in my outdoor "kitchen"  thinking September for sure--and I plan to do some natural dyeing outdoors too so could be out there doing both.

  Today is primary voting day here in Missouri we have some heated races going on too-at least the media doesn't have the winner chosen before we vote-lol I really dislike when they do that.

Have an awesome August everyone


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