Monday, August 8, 2016

EBAY Does NOT Support Their Sellers Under Any Circumstance

Sometimes there is just no way to fight back except to share and spread the word on social media.

My husband is one of only four in the world that knows how to and still repairs scopes-it is a lost art. Most of the brand names no longer fix any of their scopes rather they want to sell you a new one instead. Hubby does mostly vintage and rare scopes-and he is also a power seller with a store on Ebay.

Ebay has and always will be it seems only for the customer-they do Not support the sellers at all for any reason. and that's what I want to spread the word about if you want to set up a store or sell seriously on Ebay. 

He had a customer that bought a scope from his site on Ebay-then decided to take it all apart for some reason-in the process he broke things and scratched the lens and duh-now it doesn't work any more. So he calls up and wants his money returned after he destroyed the scope. 

Two hours on the phone with Ebay and hubby was calm during this whole episode-and at least 5 different people to go through and relay the same story--nope hubby has to give this customer back his money. So enough is enough of dealing with Ebay and he closed his business on Ebay-of course that will take two weeks they can't invoice him now and of course you know what they will do right? take out the money to pay this customer back after the scope will be returned to him

pretty one sided business-and I feel it is really sad to not also support the sellers-but they do not support the seller in any situation only the customer.

I also wanted to mention that even though you state in your listings that you do not pay for return shipping costs or you do not accept returns--in reality not the case as Ebay will tell you do so as they only support the customer. No matter that a seller with a store especially is giving Ebay lots of income and the buyer does not give any income to Ebay.

The last guy he was passed to hubby said sounded like a robot-thanks for calling Ebay and thanks for your business-really???


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