Saturday, August 13, 2016

A Much Welcomed Cool Down & Charm Bracelets

  So ready for a cool down and we are getting it this week-big storm went through yesterday a little more rain for the next few days-and cool all week-loving it!

  I have gotten lots of raw wool fleeces washed up-dried-and in their cotton bags. Am now working on lots of navajo churro wool Once that's done it will all be washed and ready to card-spin-weave with this winter.

  My veggie garden is pretty much done for-just too much bad weather this year-too cool of a spring, way too much rain, and then so much extreme heat indexes-and then those beatles came in too. I did get green beans in the freezer, one batch of pickles made, broccoli and pea pods in the freezer, so not a total loss-and we were able to eat fresh veggies for awhile too. Pretty soon I will get in the garden and just start pulling most of it. With the crazy weather here not going to plant a fall garden this year.  I will have plent of work to do pulling tons of weeds instead lol

   Do you have or enjoy charm bracelets? I have always thought they were very cool but have never had one. In the anticipation of my upcoming trip to Yellowstone and other nearby national parks, and also my love for Peggy Henderson's Yellowstone and Tetons historical time travel books I jumped into the world of finding charms.
   and Wow are they ever expensive when you want lots of sterling charms. I decided I was having so much fun hunting for what I wanted to just go with it-lol  A special treat for myself. and kinda cool I am finding online many vintage charms and many signed ones too.
      I am also going through my beads to find colors of the Yellowstone area-my jewelry making friend in California will set up my bracelet with the beads and then I will add the charms-so fun!

   With this cool down perhaps I can try out my dutch oven cooking and baking soon too.

  How has your summer been?? 

Here is a photo in Yellowstone that I would like to capture the colors in beads


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