Sunday, July 3, 2016

It's a Very Rainy Weekend & Update Photos

  We don't complain about rain too much here as we are usually in drought conditions during the summer months-and we finally got an awesome cool down-loving that for sure. The steamy hot returns on Tuesday so enjoying the rain and cool fresh air for now.
    I had hopes to try out my dutch oven baking this weekend but it is pretty much a wash out here til late Monday-but in time for those going to the fireworks on the 4th.
    Here is my latest photos with more gravel brought in-I still need lots more in the area but my back has been good to me so far, so a needed break with that for a week. I am really loving the outcome.
  The second photo shows the back-I brought in some rocks that I found here on the property for more of a fire break back there-Miss Calico thinks I have built her a new kitty box-not so I keep telling her lol
   And a photo of the rain coming down out the front door.
(all photos will enlarge)

We had a nice visit with our Chicago friend. He drove down and just stayed a few days. He did not want to go fishing or anything, just needed to get away from the city and some stress stuff. It was really hot still at the time too so I don't think fishing on the lake would have been very enjoyable. I always enjoy cooking for one more.

I needed a couple nice trivets to put inside my dutch ovens to hold up pies and breads especially from sitting directly on the bottoms of the dutch ovens. I could have improvised with tuna cans or something like that-but I enjoy pretty tools so went online to hunt. I fell in love with the Le Creuset cast iron with porcelain trivets I found lots of them on ebay. But wow the prices they get. 
    They retail for around $70.00 to start with so the bidding prices mostly started around that price and went way up. I had my limits of what I would pay so did find one seller with three of them that she had put out at low prices-lost those. Then I totally fell in love with a seller's matching pair of blue trivets that he said he picked up at an estate sale. The bidding started out low and I never saw any bids so I put my bid in and could not believe that I won them-$20.00 a piece with shipping-I can live with that although still pricey.  
    I did feel bad that for some reason this item was not found by others, or perhaps people did not want two, or perhaps I was just meant to have them. So I wrote him a note that I felt bad that he did not get much money for these but wanted him to know that his trivets went to a good home and would be used and loved. He told him he appreciated my note and we was disappointed in the bids but still made money so he was pleased I got them.
   When I went to town to pick up a few things at our Wal Mart I checked at the grill area and finally found gloves that I hope will keep my hands from burning-it said these were totally heat resistant so we'll see. and then I found those stainless kabob pieces. I had seen these used on a Food Network show and thought they were brilliant-so was surprised to find them there. Of course hubby and others are laughing at me that I bought  I think they will be perfect for grilled veggies and mushrooms.

If the rain should move out earlier on Monday I am still hoping to bake at least a pie in my new dutch oven-if not first clear day I am anxious to do that.

Hope your Holiday 4th is a good one.

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