Tuesday, July 12, 2016

I have Been Plying up my Homespuns-Photos

  After I finished up with spinning the last of the romney from my class, I wanted to try the plying with the one pull in the middle ball of yarn that the teacher taught us. (made the ball of yarn in a ball winder)  I didn't want to forget how to do it. I did my first one late yesterday with the white romney from class.
    This technique was pretty nifty I thought. A friend on facebook wanted me to make a video, but instead I took photos and I found an explanation by Carol Leigh who is well known here in Missouri. here  This must be an older technique as I did not find much about it online.

   Here are photos from yesterday afternoon and today's progress so far. I turned my hanks of yarn into a ball with my ball winder first which has the center pull-so it gives you the two strands. Fun!  
    Since most of my yarn is pretty thick-newbie yarns I didn't think I wanted to ply it-but I love it so better now. Makes me smile.   (all the photos will enlarge)


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