Friday, July 15, 2016

I Can See Improvement With my Spinning

  I just finished up my first bobbin full of spun yarn after my weekend spinning class early this morning. I am so thrilled to finally see that I am improving. I had gotten myself at a stand still on not making nicer yarn.
   This wool is roving from the breed cheviot that I got on Paradise Fibers last year when I was finding sales for practice. This is by Ashland Bay which I really like for a commercial roving. This is actually pretty soft considering the breed.
   The teacher had shown me a different way to hold the fiber while spinning and after coming home and practicing a bit everyday-wow it just clicked yesterday afternoon-don't ya just love it when that happens? My spinning wheel even works better now too-really amazing lol
  And I was able to use my new yarn bowl to get the bobbin yarn on to the niddy noddy-made me smile to use this beautiful bowl (see photos on my blog post of fiber u and photos)

   I also purchased a spinning class while it was discounted over on Craftsy.(thank you Gene for letting us know about the sale)  It is woolens and worsted and just listening to the first part this morning I learned so much more about my spinning wheel and how it works-that right there was worth the money for the class. I am not quite ready for the class yet I don't think but I love the teacher already.

  Knowledge is an amazing tool! and it is never too late to learn that is for sure.

  Happy Friday everyone!!



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