Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Getting Ready for My Classes at Fiber U and Still Raining

    This Saturday and Sunday is Fiber U in a city near me. They host this event once a year now in July. Lots of vendors selling all things fiber, spinning, weaving, and more, and several classes offered.
   On Saturday afternoon, I am taking a 4 hour class all about raw fleece and supposed to have allot of handouts. I am anxious for this one to learn more. I don't think at my age now I will buy too much more raw wool to process but I wanted the knowledge on what to look for.  I had bought some raw romney wool last year on Ebay and the white was in really really bad shape-the grey romney seems better. Of course I wouldn't be able to examine when buying on Ebay but I will be better prepared on what questions to ask. I have found some really nice wools there.
   I will go in early to shop and talk with an Ashford dealer too. I ordered more bobbins, and want to inquire about a jumbo flyer so I can make some bulky fun art yarns. I had seen a video about spinning in mini crochet flowers and still want to do that-I found some nice ones over on Etsy handmade in Switzerland. I thought the price seemed reasonable and I do not crochet or knit. I just think that would be some fun yarn.
   I bought my Ashford Traveler back in 1978 and when I inquire about different updates like this-they cost half as much as what I originally paid for my wheel back then-lol She said she had an older model jumbo flyer so will compare prices and see if it is too much of a hassle to change up the flyers.
   They have a little showcase area where we can show off something we have made and can put down information on how one can purchase. So I am hoping to sell my handwoven shrug there, or at least hear about feedback from it.
   Saturday will pretty much be a long day for me. I decided to take my 4 hour spinning class early Sunday morning instead of taking both classes the same day. I think I will be more alert for my classes that way.
   My spinning has improved from 3 months ago, but I am still not getting my yarn fine enough. I also have questions on using the different speeds on my flyer. This was an update from the original flyer with 3 speeds that I bought last year. I have no idea really how to use the different speeds-must depend on the type of wool? not sure. 
   I am thinking of also bringing my wheel that came from Europe that uses a scotch tension-to have the teacher show me how to do that-I had tried it but not sure I got it right-and at the time-wasn't getting it to spin right.
  So I am excited for this coming weekend of spinning fun.

and it is still raining here-almost every day and the extreme hot and steamy conditions are upon us again. I have been anxious to try out my dutch oven cooking but the weather is just not good yet. 110 heat index is a bit much for open fire cooking or dutch oven cooking lol



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