Saturday, July 23, 2016

18th Century Cooking & Just Cooking with Fire

Good morning,
    Since the heat and humidity here are still brutal on a daily basis, I have been reading and watching videos to learn more about cooking over a fire and in dutch ovens. I will then be ready to cook and bake up lots of goodies come fall.

   I thought I would share some links and books that I have discovered with you, in case any of you would enjoy exploring recipes and this kind of cooking-baking out in your back yard or if for camping. I am someone that has always cooked from scratch so I just enjoy this kind of cooking.

   One of the most informative sites I have discovered for 17th and 18th century cooking is with Jas. Townsend and sons videos and blog. If you are into reenactments this is just a wealth of how tos and information. 
    Their videos are here I have been watching them early in the mornings when we get a break from the cost with our internet provider. (we get charged time for streaming and watching videos) 
     I have learned so much already. I am so enjoying these-learned how to bake beans in a pit, breads, all about salt pork and salt beef, ash cakes, gingerbread, meat pies, mushroom catsup and so much more. Videos on using the dutch ovens and videos for making and using a clay oven.
   Their blog Savoring the Past is here

For books; I had mentioned Hearthside Cooking by Crump which I have read through now and anxious to try some recipes. Her recipes mentioned the mushroom catsup and a recipe to make as did a video from Townsend that gave me more insight for its use. It was a main condiment before tomato catsup came about.

I also bought two books by the same author who is a chef.  The author Francis Mallmann wrote Seven Fires and then wrote On Fire.  I had purchased the Seven Fires on sale for kindle and was hooked and knew after reading it that I would want the actual book. These are large gorgeous books.
    When I searched amazon for a used book I discovered he also wrote On Fire.  The author explains fire and how to use it. and his recipes are not so gourmet that one can make them at home. I highly recommend these books if you have an interest of cooking over an open fire.

So are you in an extreme heat wave as well?? we had sooo much rain day after day and now this-the rain returns next week sometime lol   I am greatful for my air conditioner and don't think our health would survive without it. Gives me a better appreciation for my ancestors lives.

Stay cool everyone


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