Sunday, June 26, 2016

Update on My Outdoor Kitchen-Grill Area & Dutch Oven Space

  Since the last post I pretty much worked a few hours really early in the mornings each day.  Using the wheel barrel to bring more stone in-getting the concrete blocks and tiles.

  A work in progress for sure but I am pleased so far. The guys got the grill set up-which will be soooo awesome to use, and I laid out the red concrete tiles. After  my first attempt yesterday to lay out the tiles-I realized the grill was not set up straight-so I didn't like the look at all. 
   So early this morning-around 3:30 am I had a vision on a different tile lay out-thanks muse--so when I got up early again I redid the tiles--I love this much better and I think it will hide a bit of the fact that everything is not square. I wasn't going to ask the guys to redo the grill as that stuff is just so heavy-and in the end nature isn't perfect either.
   Here are a few photos of the progression since my last post--In the first layout I was missing one tile but in the final layout I had exactly enough The tiles in the final layout still need to be leveled and straightened a bit and I have one of those grey blocks in the back of the grill that needs adjusting-than I am good to go-I ended up with just one grey block left over. There is also a photo of my brand new very large dutch oven an 8 quart and 12 inches round-I wanted one large enough for bread baking and deep dish pies. In the final layout photo you will see my dutch oven that is smaller and it fits perfectly on one tile-the larger dutch oven will probably sit over an area where the four corners of the tiles come together.
   I still need to bring in lots more gravel for around the area, it is to finally be cooler next week so hoping I can get more of that done.
   We had brought down with us lots of rod iron tables and chairs that we had picked up at garage sales-so I plan to go through those and see what I can fix up and use here in this space-starting to come together--a very inexpensive diy project so far.  (all photos will enlarge)  Oh and that bag that is in front of the grill is a bag of sand I found here so that got added in to the gravel


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