Tuesday, June 14, 2016

It Has Been Really Really Hot Here-Nice Time for Spinning Though

  We had been cooler than normal for the month of May but then a couple days ago-wake up call I live in the Ozarks where it gets hot and humid-the steamy heat has arrived. We are high 90s with heat indexes in the 100s.  A definite shock to the system and to the plants too. I knew it would arrive eventually lol

   So when my tomatoes that are in big tubs need watering I do that as soon as it is light and get them watered early.
    I have been spinning every other day at least now-to improve, and I am getting my yarn finer but still is singles so doesn't need plied yet. I have been working with a long wool roving that I really enjoy spinning and went back and bought two more pounds of it-mostly for practice and so I will have yarn to dye with too.  
    I just switched over to a rare wool from an isolated island off of Maine-and I am getting this finer. I enjoy how switching up with different breeds of sheep you can feel the difference in the wool. This is totally different than what I had been spinning.
   I also did a fun "experiment" and spun some with a fine fur yarn that I had picked up at the resale shop-really loved it so spun up another bobbin of it I think it will be fun to weave with.

Here is a photo of what I have been spinning today-the Nash Island, Maine wool-loving it and finally a finer yarn

I ended up losing my potatoes from a hard storm that I mentioned in my last post-they got bent over and ended up breaking at the base-sigh the plants were doing so well too. My broccoli plants stood up nice and have been giving me veggies for a couple weeks now. My peas are just about done and will be pulling them out soon. My pole beans and cucumbers are growing nicely. I lost most of my flowers so need to work on that next year. I also lost my indigo and weld plants too-this spring was too cold for them when I was growing them from seed. However I have madder growing and also three other dye plants that I grew from seed. So am happy about that-new plants to dye with.

I am still working on accomplishing an edible gluten free sourdough bread-it has been a real challenge. My last attempt turned out edible. It still is a heavier bread than what I would like but it tastes like a really heavy healthy bread. After I toast it I love it.
    I picked up a book about hearth cooking and baking in the 18th and 19th centuries at the Virginia plantations. I love this book as it is very detailed on cast iron cooking-so I am anxious to try out some new recipes. Here is a link to the book   This is the 1986 edition, the author has also written a more updated version since this one-but I wanted her original. 
      I ran across this book from a seller on ebay that I buy roving from, but when my package arrived it looked like a forklift went through it. My yarn was still there but the book was missing-big sigh-so I searched and found a few copies on amazon.  If you enjoy cast iron cooking and baking outdoors especially I highly recommend this book-as she tells you how to set up your dutch ovens for baking cakes, breads, and more.

    We went in for our 6 month visit with our doctor. I asked him more about my bad left thumb area as it is getting worse. Wondered if an mri would tell us more. So he brought up the xray-which are amazingly clear these days and said he didn't think an mri would tell him much more rather it would just show more details.
    He went into more explaining this time though. I have a fracture in that same area that healed over-said it happened probably as a child when I fell off my bike or something. Also have allot of arthritis, and like he had told me before the ball of a joint has moved off the base and has caused more problems. Can I fix it? He says it would have to be totally replaced and he was not very enthused about that as an option now unless I was--I am not either--so will just deal with it for now.  I am not into steroids but he suggested he could put a steroid shot right into that area and it would reduce the swelling allot and some of the pain, and give me more movement--so I will see how that works out. Now that I know more of the problem I am going to search out some herbal salve recipes to try too.

    I really really had my hopes up for a visit to Yellowstone. I called my brother and he was all up to going thought it would be an awesome trip for the both of us. Of course I got major excited did allot of research for a trip in September and then he calls me a week later with all these "excuses" why he couldn't go--bottom line his wife was jealous and left him feeling guilty for going without her-as she is still teaching for another couple years  I forgot that she would be like that-oh well such is life. 
     So I am still thinking positive and hoping to find someone that will take me with. I just have a passion right now to visit the park while I can still do some hiking and enjoy it.
   I tagged along when hubby went fishing for stripers at Ha Ha Tonka state park so I could go hiking-I enjoyed that and also tried out another trail-so am anxious to go back once it cools down.

How have you all been??, any summer vacations planned?? 


  1. You're really coming along with the spinning and I love that yarn with the blue mixed in. Those yarns are fun to use I've used them in a few hats before. The heat has been intense hasn't it? We need rain here. It just keeps skipping over us and the areas around us are getting it :( I've had to start watering. Bummer about the potatoes and flowers . Mother Nature can get pretty nasty when she wants. Well I need to go out and turn on the soaker hose on the straw bales again. At least I can just turn them on and walk away and do something else. Like come back in where it's cool. :) I set the timer on my phone to go out and turn it off. The rest of the watering I do in the mornings like you. Sure hope you get your trip to the Yellowstone worked out! I would love to go but still can't ride that far yet.

  2. It is fun to spin in something else with the wool. You can get some really interesting stuff to weave with that way.

  3. I would love to see Yellowstone. I've realized that will probably not happen. Terry jokes with me everytime we go into Niles. We drive by a farm that raises Bison so he tells me he's taking me to see the Bison. I love him for it because he always reminds me when we are getting close so I can watch for them. Small things make me happy, lol. Hope you find someone to go with. I think it would be an awesome trip.
    xx, Carol

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    1. thanks we are pretty much staying indoors most of the day

  5. I love the yarns, especially the one with blue woven into it. My experience with arthritis cures (and I've tried them all, natural and otherwise) makes me suggest that steroid injection your doctor mentioned. It is the only thing that has brought me relief. Life is too short to needlessly put up with pain. An injection is a bit uncomfortable to have, but it works on inflammation for months. When I start to feel the pain creeping back, I make another appointment. It's so worth it.

  6. Hi Kathy. Pretty much as busy as I'd expect you to be!! But then, when aren't you?? LOL.

    Sorry to hear the hand is still troubling you. I think it's wise not to go for the full replacement operation. But it might be worth thinking about the injection (says the person who turns white at the sight of a needle!!!).

    So sorry about the Yellowstone trip not working out. It must be really disappointing. I know I would be, if it was me.

    The only spinning going on over here is in my head, still!! Damned dizziness/vertigo/whatever it is, is still giving me problems.

    1. Oh No Mitch I was hoping to read that your dizziness was cured by now-hope they find the solution soon-are you able to work?
      I am thinking too I really do not want to go for full replacement-sounds not to good to me. The shot did reduce allot of the swelling already
      I was really really disappointed that my brother cancelled our trip on me-I really want to go someday-still thinking positive

  7. So sorry bout your trip and your thumb. I bet those injections will really help. I have had a few at the base of my head and they worked miracles for my headaches, but watch out when they wear off! OUCH! Love your spinning,

  8. WOW Yellostone ? Must be something.

    1. Hi Aggie, Yellowstone is one of our national parks and has stunning views, wildlife, geysers, hot springs and more-I so want to go somehow


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