Wednesday, April 6, 2016

ReDo Of Quilt Top Layout

   This ended up being more ripping apart then I thought would be necessary, but am more pleased with this now.
     Do to color placement of moving the blocks around in the bottom two rows-that messed up the border layout on the left and bottom. I had to end up taking all the two bottoms rows apart and the two borders-to manage to lay out the colors so they were not on top of each other. I can live with this better now-lol and I do like this placement of the embroidered blocks much better too. 
    Now to pin it up and sew all back together.

Here is the photo again of the original and it was just too off balance for me.

This original photo is sitting on top of the 4 patch backing too.

I am now contemplating getting out a bunch of embroidery threads that will match in with these colors and hand quilt together with long stitches to make it go fast will decide on that or to tie it once I get all together.


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