Friday, April 8, 2016

Question for Hand Quilters Using Embroidery Threads

   I decided to use up a bunch of embroidery threads that I have accumulated-from a young age, to my Mom's and Grandma's sewing, to garage sale finds. I figured I can match in colors to each block. Working on using long stitches which is hard for me as I am used to small stitches but so far not bad. 
    I thought I would go around each block and then using different stencils I have leaves etc put that in the middle of these large blocks.
   My question is, I am splitting 6 strand embroidery threads in half so using 3 strands-but a knot is too large to pop threw the fabric like quilt thread-so I am just going over a stitch three times beginning and end. Not sure if this will hold through use and washings.
   So any ideas on another way to secure the threads beginning and end? In this photo to the bottom left is what I did-not sure I like the look of the heavy thread at end (photo will enlarge)-thanks

After I wrote this I went online to see if I could find something and I did find techniques when doing embroidery work with no knot but those will not work for this. So I decided to work on making a smaller knot that would pop through the fabric-and that is working so far on the homespuns


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