Monday, April 4, 2016

My Counrty Inspired Quilt Top is Now Finished

(photo will enlarge)

     I am quite happy with the results. I had cut out and sewn all the blocks together last year, and I also sewed together all those 4" pre cuts to make the backing. I had sewn those into four patches first with two darks and two lights. 
   Those pre cuts had been gifted to me by an online quilting friend when I first learned to quilt, so was happy to get those used up and into a quilt.
    I usually use up men's shirts when I make gift quilts with this Turning 20 pattern, but I had in my fabric stash stacks of homespuns and a few flannels so I used mostly those fabrics. I am finally going to make a few quilts just for us. Although I do have two more of these cut out for friends. The large fish prints were from fabric yardage with only the one with the flies print being a men's shirt. 
   When I was laying out the blocks to distribute the colors I hadn't realized til it was sewn in that the flies block is upside down now-don't think it will matter.
   I was unhappy that I couldn't use the two embroidery pieces with a log cabin and a man fishing because it was too large to go into the quilt without cutting off the borders so I have decided to make those two pieces into a pillow.
   I do like how I softened up the white on the four embroidered blocks. They are actually a little darker too than what the photos show. After those had gone through the final hand wash and rinse I discovered the ones my Mom and sewn were really pulled in on the sides-but there was just enough fabric to make the size block I needed. Mom was in early stages of dementia when she embroidered these so I think she did really well, and will remember her making these.
   I need to press the 4 patch backing before layering the pieces together with the batting, 
   I will be setting up my old vintage Sears hand quilting frame and knotting this. I am thinking of working from the backing side and tieing a knot inside each of the 4" patches. That will make the front show a long stitch and not the tie. Still thinking about that though.

Oh and instead of sewing up a binding I am going to use the left over fabric on the edges of the backing and bring that forward to the front and hand sewn down as the binding-an old country technique.

Late Afternoon Update: when I laid this out I did the blocks on our bed-so I was watching colors but couldn't see the entire quilt. Now that this has been on the floor-I don't like it-the Turning 20 quilt pattern has four odd blocks and that is where I put the four embroidery blocks-now that I have had a chance to walk around this and look at-it is way off balance-to the right is a whole row of blocks on the side to the left no blocks on the side except for the border blocks.  I really don't want to rip this apart but it is really going to bug me now. lol  so I will contemplate first what I want to change before I start ripping this apart ugh


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