Monday, April 18, 2016

Fun Weekend-and We All Ate Too Much

  April is when allot of our friends come down for a visit. Where they live for the most part no really warm spring weather yet, so it is a treat from winter for them. Our dogwoods and redbuds are both blooming too, so it makes a beautiful drive through Missouri.
   It turned out that this couple from Wisconsin is the only ones coming down for now. The other two needed to cancel out.

   We had the most perfect weather for their visit-mid 70s for highs and low 50s at night. Light winds and no rain. The guys went fishing for trout and then stripers in the early mornings. After lunch or brunch our friends went golfing and checked out a new golf course this trip.

   Evenings and brunch were filled with lots and lots of food. I am still sooo full lol we don't eat that much any more.

  Marie always brings down Larry homemade cheesecakes. The last couple of years she started bringing down two. This time she baked up chocolate and also a grasshopper with chocolate chips-both yummy of course lol

note all photos will enlarge

   For our Sunday evening meal I baked an apple pie in my Griswold cast iron pan over coals-

I have a small Weber grill that really rusted out-so I set it up as an "oven"  This works out so nice to bake pies, bread, cobblers etc in--I put coals around the edge in a circle-put a grate on top-put my cast iron pan on top in the middle-put coals on top of the lid which the foil there is for-then put the Weber lid on.
   This is an 8" cast iron pan, I put a trivet on the bottom of the pan and my pie in a pie pan just fits inside on top of the trivet. 


My friend and I had a BBQ ribs contest-lol  For Sunday evening. We both started our ribs around noon.

She used our smoker with a chunk of hickory, had used a dry rub on her ribs, and during the smoking process she had a mixture she put on every hour to keep it moist and then finished her ribs off with a maple syrup glaze

Larry loves Chicago style ribs which always turn out really moist and falling off the bone. I used a dry rub of spices first, then used a good barbecue sauce on the ribs. I place my ribs in a triple layer of foil and place in my Weber in the middle of the grate with coals all around. Half way through the time I open up the foil for about an hour-and then close up again
               First photo my  friend, second photo was mine

I was declared the winner as mine were tender, juicy, and falling off the bone. My friend lost since hers needed another 2 hours of cooking-lol  But it was all delicious hers were just more chewy.
   We also grilled fresh asparagus, and served with wild rice

Two Novembers ago these friends bought me a rustic barnwood frame for my bears piece.  I finished up my piece last year and then took it all to get framed. When I showed it to them, my friend offered to put the wire on the back for hanging and then hung it for me-so happy and thankful for that. 
     It hangs behind my weaving loom, and is in the perfect spot for me to enjoy at my desk or sitting on the sofa. I love it very much. I love the matting as it blends in with the frame and this pieces looks really nice on my new painted walls-with stenciled leaves

I am off to watch the Voice tonight have a good week everyone


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