Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Busy Busy

It is that time of year when I am wanting to stay caught up on gardening and yard work-but the weather for the most part has not been cooperating

Most of my seeds have not sprouted as of yet in my plastic greenhouse bottles. I do have broccoli though ready to plant in the garden soon. We keep getting these really cold nights-20s and 30s.

I have been busy collecting and drying wild herbs to make into healing salves. Dandelion flowers, chickweed, plantain, heal all, violets, lemon balm.

This short table I had used in the past for sun dye projects but it is working out well for this too. This is a north facing window so no direct sun comes in.
   In the paper bags are jars of herbs soaking in olive oil, there are a couple bags of dried herbs and then the rest are laid out to dry. I like to gather these up in the spring as soon as they are up.

I have started cleaning up the house-getting ready for lots of friends to drive in and spend long weekends or a week with us. The first come in this thursday-they leave and another friend comes in on monday he stays a week and then another friend comes in for 10 days. so this month we will be busy busy-fishing, turkey hunting, catching up with friends and eating lots of good food. This weekend especially we will be grilling and baking in dutch ovens outdoors.

Sir John and Izzy left a couple weeks ago to nest elsewhere-am hoping they bring the young ones back here to raise.

The hand quilting with embroidery threads is going well and is fun to do, still trying to work on the hexagons, and spinning too and my weaving loom has been calling me for too long now-.and I am ready for the hummingbirds to arrive. They usually arrive around the 15th of April but the Missouri callender is saying the 11th this year-I will hang out one feeder for them this morning and wait for their return-we love them so much-little friends returning home.

Have a good week everyone!!  Oh and I have been featured for my hand dyed fabrics over on friend Val's link party blog go here


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