Friday, March 25, 2016

To All of You That Celebrate Happy Easter Weekend

  For me Easter is part of spring and new beginnings. I get anxious to work in my garden and to get outdoors more and enjoy the sunshine.  and being a senior now I reflect on my childhood memories.   
   I love Jackie Lawsons cards here is one I wanted to share with you her cards always make me smile and feel good inside.

   What the doctor said:  I did a "big girl" thing and drove myself to the doctor this time. I am not one that has ever enjoyed driving all that much-I had to commute far when I was working so I did that but the rest of the driving I let hubby do. Our doctor changed locations several years ago from nearby to an hour away-expressway driving too. I decided I needed to face my fears (of always getting lost) and just do this-I was confident I remembered the way and I did!  I know this must sound really stupid but I really have always gotten lost since I first got my drivers license lol

   Anyways  I was right that my thyroid medicine was wrong and was the cause of my weight gain-so hopefully with the right dose now I can get back on track. 
    I wanted xrays on my left knee and my left hand. Our regular doctor is really good and he takes the time to explain things and gives me all the time I need-despite his nurse trying to rush him-love that about him. I turned a 15 minute visit to 2 hours.
    Below my left thumb above my wrist it is really swollen there and really hurts too. The xray showed it was not swollen but the joint area had moved off of where it is suppose to sit and is pushing the skin out to look swollen. He said for now it is probably at the worse it will get-he didn't seem too enthused about an operation for that-so I need to look into that for more information. He says if it gets much worse than we will rethink it.
    As to my knee-this knee I tore allot of cartilage 12 years ago-trying to get into a very tall tree stand to bow hunt-I still remember when my knee popped.  Well the xray shows that the cartilage is broken off now and moving around-and when I have that shooting pain it is rubbing on something and that is what is causing the tingling down to my foot too.
  So I asked him if I could still do my walks and he says yes don't stop walking. Then I ask will this get worse or do I have to take care of it-yes it will get worse and must take care of it.
   I have an mri set up for next week. My next concern is I do not do well on anesthesia never have-and my fear now is that this causes or excells dementia or alzheimers and I do not want that-it is in my family. I don't think my doctor believed me but I saw it happen to my Mom and her country doctor told me it would happen to her and it did when she fell and broke her hip. She had beginning dementia was living on her own doing well, and after surgery she woke up not the same person any more. so no I won't chance it.
    So I asked if there was a way to do my knee with no anesthesia and he said yes there was-so I will need to discuss that with the surgeon-I won't do the operation otherwise.

I always remember a line in the movie The Notebook-when his alzheimer wife who did not know who he was-said wow you must be really sick and he said No I don't look at it that way-rather my body parts are just wearing out. That's how I feel right now. 
   I do still blessed though things could always be worse-and seems allot of people have knee surgeries these days.

Long post-I know--still cold here with freezes most mornings Sir John and Izzy are here most every day now so they must be nesting nearby-we keep thinking possibly in the pond near the house but I don't want to get too close to them right now.

Last night I finished my embroidery piece-so am thrilled about that-will get these four pieces ready to dye and then I can put my quilt top together. Our company will start coming in every week in April so need to get the house in order too

Oh and I have noticed I am getting close to 200,000 views of my blog so I can see a giveway coming up soon

Have a good weekend


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