Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Miss Jenny Ashley and I Are Making Some Yarn

  I have not spun any yarn since last summer. I was having allot of tension problems with Miss Jenny Ashley, and my arthritis issues were getting pretty bad for using my spindles. So when I started the living room re do I just put everything away.

   I found this alpaca roving last year in an Etsy shop-she had picked it up at an estate sale and she thought it was old. It is a little squished together, but there is no bad odors and it is nice to work with soft,  and I love the colors,

   After talking with an Ashford dealer that will be at Fiber U in July, on the phone last week-- she had given me some tips for my tension problems-and it worked for me today. 
  I still don't have the wheel motion down yet as I can't get the wheel to stay moving. I know that takes practice too and this is an older wheel-made in 1978-I bought it that year when I lived in Denver Co So I think this one takes more practice.
     My yarn I guess still looks like it always does; still a little too fat, but I am not needing thin perfect yarns just yet. This is much smoother and more even than in the past for most of it.

   I did get my two classes that I wanted for the Fiber U event in July, I wish there was time to take the one on making a batt with alpaca but she was using a carding machine, and I am going to play with a blending board that friend Gene told me about last year-so I probably didn't need that class. Perhaps next year I will be good enough at spinning that I can take some core spinning classes or something more advanced-hoping so.

  I decided to take my spinning class Sunday morning so I can have Saturday morning free to shop and stop by the Ashford dealer to look over my spinning wheel for me, before I take my Saturday afternoon class. So that will be a fun spinning weekend. 

     I kinda went crazy last year especially buying lots of raw wool to process-I may need to be realistic and sell some of that off and then just buy roving instead. There is only so much time in a day for a senior now who is moving slower these days lol

  The weather here in the ozarks has been soooo up down. From hard freezes to 75 degrees f within just a day, to very strong winds which we are having today with 40 or more mile per hour-so pretty strong gusting winds happening here today and tomorrow.

I have been praying today for those effected in the latest terrorist  attack--these terrorists really must be stopped--so sad.

Do you have plans for Easter Sunday those of you that celebrate?


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