Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Lots of Seeds Started and Wool Roving I Could Not Pass Up-Of Course I Couldn't LOL

The last day and a half I have been busy busy bleaching last year's plastic bottles for my mini greenhouses, and making up lots more.  Then filling them up with seed starter soil and planting.

I did not count them but I have at least a couple dozen I am sure-lots of herbs, herbs for the dye pot, heirloom tomatoes, sweet peppers and one hot pepper and eggplant, I did order a couple more herbs and flowers on etsy that I will plant up when they arrive. The second photo is from yesterdays work, I did about that many more today.

The weather is pretty decent this afternoon, so I grabbed a shovel after lunch and worked out in the veggie garden digging out some really nasty weeds that will get large, hoping I got all the roots. They came in with the mulch we bought last year so I try to keep on top of that-especially with rain coming in tomorrow.

I have noticed that my lemon balm plant that I have had since we moved here back in 2003 really multiplied with all the spring rains last year. I love it but this photo only shows half of the new plants. So I am hoping to find neighbors to pass it on to.

I have been gathering dandelion flowers to make up a healing salve I found over at the Nerdy Farm  Wife-she has excellent recipes and information. This recipe had several new to me ingredients but I found them online so am anxious to make this.
   A couple years ago I found one dandelion up by the house, so I helped it to spread and now I have several-lol I have always loved dandelions anyways they are a happy flower full of sunshine-but since she shares so many good recipes to use them in I love them even more.

I was so happy with my results with my last spinning and that I discovered a couple things to make it work better for me-like I just realized I have been holding on to the roving too tightly-what a difference that has made lol  I have more raw wool that needs to be processed and just a little roving ready to spin-so when I was browsing on ebay a listing caught my eye. It was 2 pounds of wool roving that came from USA small farms on the eastern side and when I asked her if she knew the type of breeds she said mostly romney and black face sheep. What also caught my eye was free shipping. 
   The price seemed pretty reasonable but when I went to check out -shipping was listed. So I wrote her about it if there was a mistake and she said oh yes. She ended up giving me the 2 pounds of roving for the price of just 1 pound plus the shipping--sooo I couldn't help myself. It just came in today and it is really really nice.

I need to get the yarn I spun last year off the niddy noddys and put away so I can put my newly spun yarn onto the niddy noddys-and yep try this roving out. It is really thick so I can break it down quite a bit. Fun!


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