Monday, March 14, 2016

London Fog Here in the Ozarks, Fiber U Classes, and Ouch These Old Bones of Mine

  Good morning, we woke up to a very very thick fog here in the ozarks. We had decided to drive to Springfield to shop at Sam's Club and Bass Pro but decided against it, as we like to leave really early.  Perhaps tomorrow morning will be safer for the long drive. There was zero to 1/4 mile visibility from here to there this morning.

    We are still enjoying spring weather for the most part, although we will be back to more normal temps by this coming weekend. 

    I did decide to make an appointment to talk with my doctor about my left hand, as it is getting much worse-and I am only in my 60s-sigh. The hexagons are so difficult for me to do now but I have my basket on the coffee table so I sew when I can. I also picked up my embroidery block that needs finishing so I can then proceed to dye those four blocks and put my quilt together. I have not been back on this project since my Mom passed last year. I had sewn lots and lots of 4 inch squares together to become the back of the quilt, the Turning 20 pattern blocks are all sewn together-so just waiting on this embroidery to get finished-which is actually easier and less painful for me to hold then the hexagons are.
        Last week I was continuing to take my long walks in the woods which I have really enjoyed and then one day when I drove up to the post office and got out of the car-my bad left knee shot out in pain-ugh this is from an old injury of torn cartilage that happened back in 2002. I am careful with it and over those years have had two steroid shots put into that knee. I tell ya this is the year of my older bones giving me fits -lol   I have been icing that knee down, using a compress of a strong tea with eucalyptus and white willow bark to get the swelling down. I did not do it yesterday and is swelled more again-so back to that and also I have some comfrey salve that I received from a friend so am going to try that too today. I also did allot of reading online and I had never heard of magnesium oil-a topical for sore joints-so I have been using that as well.  I refuse to get talked into a knee operation so will see how this goes.

    I did just sign up for two classes at Fiber U that is held in Lebanon, Mo and sponsored by an alpaca association. It is held in July. Here is a link if interested. My only complaint is that they collect a one day or a two day registration fee first that goes to the association and then we get billed for the classes. I have complained about this fee being extravagant $20.00 if you have classes on one day and $35.00 if you are taking classes on both days. The class fees are very reasonable but this association fee to me is ridiculous and really makes the total cost expensive. We are so rural here though that they do fill the classes.
    Always lots of nice vendors and two days of classes to choose from.
      I decided I really need a hands on beginning spinning wheel class so I signed up for that-I still have tension problems or a lack of understanding of my wheel in some areas. I also contacted a vendor that is an Ashford dealer and already talked with them about going over my wheel before I take the class. So am excited about that. I can handle the spinning wheel better than my hand spindles right now too.
     I also am going to take a class called Woolology 101 that is also a four class that goes into detail about what to look for in a fleece, the parts of the fleece and how to sort, wash etc. It sounded like it was going to cover allot of information. There were a couple other classes I would have loved to take but they have overlapped so many of the classes or they are only offered one day-perhaps next year I will check those out.

  Over the weekend I got out my bag of washed churro wool and started carding up some rolags again. I really love this wool-am going to try using the rolags on my spinning wheel once I get enough.
      photos will enlarge--in the corner there is an orange pillow I am sitting on--I wove the material and made three pillows years and years ago-I made them to match my Mom's furniture at the time.

     Next month we have friends driving in to visit us and the woods almost every week-a friend driving up from Florida, and then friends from Wisconsin, and then a friend from Chicago, and another friend from Illinois staying a week-wow I better start thinking about food to make lol   and I will need to hold off setting up my hand quilt frame to tie my quilt til May it looks like.  and depending on the weather the last month of March I want to start planting lots of seeds in the jug greenhouses-tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, flowers, herbs. 

    Sir John and Izzy have been hanging out here more. When they are here they act like they own the place-lol and stay all day. I really enjoy them-have not seen them sleeping here at their usual spot for nesting yet though-so am still thinking they may have found another spot close by

    well looks like I have written another book length post-enjoy your new week everyone



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