Friday, March 25, 2016

Embroidered Blocks into the Onion Skin Dye Pot

I am sure you have read me say this before, I just don't care for a bright white cotton fabric in my quilts. Especially when all the other fabrics are men's shirts and homespuns. I am using my favorite quick pattern the original Turning 20 pattern.

I soaked these first in a little dawn soapy water to get the blue pattern to dissolve. Then I soaked again in synthropal which I always do with everything before I dye something-it takes out all the oils etc out of the fabric. and these blocks had been handled by my Mom and me as we embroidered them. A couple that my Mom had done had some stains on them but I just wasn't going to worry about that since these are last pieces she embroidered.

I decided to not put them in an alum mordant cause in the past I get a real orange'ish color from the onion skins and I just wanted to darken the white a bit kinda like a tea dye. I had lots of skins in the onion drawer both the yellow and the red ones so I just simmered those for about an hour, strained and then simmered about a half an hour with the blocks in.

I just turned the heat off so will let these sit in the dye bath til morning-I will squeeze and hang to dry-wait a couple days and then rinse well. I have learned that I get better colorfast results doing that.

I love them so far-just wanted to darken that white a bit.


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