Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Deer , Oak Galls Ready to Use, Quilters Blog Hop, March Craft Month

   This morning since we woke up to the low 20s, I decided a good morning to grind up the oak galls I have been collecting from my walks-I started this last year early fall. I ended up with 2 wal mart plastic size bags each about 3/4's full.
     I have a blender I use only for my crafts so I just blended away. Online from Griffin's Dye Works they suggest 4 ounces of ground oak galls to one pound of cotton for mordanting (the fixative) This is a naturally gathered tannic acid. 
     I ended up with 7 1/2 ounces ground, so I will continue to gather these if I see them on my walks-before everything greens up. (photos will enlarge)

  Last year I collected several cotton and silk blouses at the resale shops to dye and eco-natural print-so with this I am ready to start. I do need to check my big box of dried leaves etc from two autumn's ago for the nature printing to see if they are still in good shape-with my living room project last year I did not get a chance to collect fresh.

   Of course we continue to have deer visitors-we have a big group of 7 and a couple smaller 3 to 4  deer groups that come once they know the corn is out.  They have been fun to watch as last year's youngsters are full of energy and seem to be playing tag or who can run the fastest-wildlife entertainment at its best lol Have not seen the royal geese anymore. I am thinking they may have found a safer nesting spot last year and may be there. Hope they visit for corn and a swim in our ponds.

Yesterday I set up a couple of the jug greenhouses of cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts, and a red celery which is new to me to grow. They are all duct taped shut now and ready to go outdoors.
     We have been dipping down into the 20s at nite this week so am going to wait til we are back in the 30s before I set these outdoors.
   I have many tender plants to start end of March or first of April for peppers, tomatoes, eggplants, dye plants, herbs, flowers. So I am still collecting bags of seed starter mix whenever I go shopping.
   I saved all the bottles I used last year so next warm day will dip those all in bleech water and they will be ready to use again. I love the vinegar bottles the best they are a little taller and have heavier plastic than the gallon water bottles.

While visiting my friend Carol's blog I discovered that March is craft month and that there is a quilters blog hop with prizes-go here to check it out  I have not entered any giveaways for quite some time now so thought it would be fun to do that and see what projects they are sharing.
   What creative crafts are you doing this month??

Remember when I dyed with silk ties on to silk fabric? that was so much fun-I had traded that piece as part of a goodie box trade with my friend Shroo in the UK  so I am thinking I need to dig out some silk and try that again.

Last week I made some soap-have not done that in awhile. I made up an order and then I made soap for me-I do the melt and pour with quality all natural glycerin soap bases. I had two pounds of a hemp glycerin that I used for me-and added in essential oils of lavender and palmarosa and also pink himalayan salt that I ground real fine before adding to the soap it turned out really nice. The bottom 3 bars have the salt.

We have had a very very mild winter here, pretty cold in January for this area but no snow to speak of-so we are in need of rain before spring planting.  I am ready for warmer temperatures to arrive and stay and to be able to catch up on outdoor work. We have been getting teasers here though-70s on the weekends so can't complain too much 

Oh and I also wanted to share an idea I found on facebook-teapots used as small bird houses or even for seed-how sweet is that??

Teacup and Teapot Bird Feeder Repurposing Idea:

This photo found on pinterest  Here is a page on pinterest with all sorts of them

Enjoy your Wednesday


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