Saturday, March 26, 2016

A Couple Photos

The Royals, I am sure of it now, have taken over our pond up near the house for their new nesting site this year.
     I went out to put some corn out for them early this morning and Sir John came running out of the pond--"I am your friend with the corn" I reminded him of lol 
     So he has definately gone into defensive mode. We walk by this pond every day so he will just need to adjust.
   This photo will enlarge, and I took this inside the fence looking out that surrounds the front of our home.

After supper last night I took a peak at the dye pot and decided the embroidered blocks were dark enough. So took them out of the bath, squeezed the water out and hung to dry. These are photos I took this morning.  They are actually a bit darker than this shows--like a nice strong tea dye. I really like them-it just "countried" (is that even a word lol) them up
   These will set for at least a week and then I will rinse them well, hang dry, iron, and they will be ready to go in the quilt.

I have been trying to do a few things for the garden area but the air is just humid and cold enough I don't want to be out too long. We are soooo dry here that it is pointless to try and pull weeds too. So I did a few things and now I think I will take a much missed walk, as tomorrow promises to be very cold but hopefully some much needed rain will get to us this time.

Enjoy your weekend


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