Saturday, February 27, 2016

Welcome Home Sir John and Izzy

The past ten days or so we have been hearing geese fly over head and also a couple pairs have landed in the ponds, stayed awhile and then left.

   This morning while at the computer which sits next to the bay window in the living room; I see a pair of geese looking for corn at the stump-so of course it's gotta be "our" returning pair Sir John and Izzy. This is the third year.
   So after they left I put out some corn, and showed them I had corn while they were swimming in the pond. I took the second photo through the fence by the house so as not to surprise them too much I welcomed them home and showed them I had food.  
   Of course not more than 5 minutes later the deer who "spy" on me for food have arrived-good thing I sprinkled some food near the pond and under the mimosa.

  Will keep you posted if they decide to nest here again on the little island in one of the ponds. If you remember last year a predator robbed them of their eggs.

  Looks to be a lovely weekend again with sunshine and another warm up into the 60s loving that.  I think I will start setting up those gallon plastic jug-greenhouses soon for a few cold weather seeds like broccoli, and get myself ready to start lots of seeds again come April-I was really pleased with the results last year. so much easier too and the plants are hardier in the end since they stay outdoors to grow.

Enjoy your weekend


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