Saturday, February 6, 2016

Photos My Walk Today

 Wow 2 blogs in one day lol

   I again took two walks as not strong enough yet to get 6000 or more steps in one walk-grabbed the camera too.
      I collected quite a few more oak galls-I think many are now falling that were high up in the trees. I took a photo of one on the ground and one hanging on a small tree. These are found on oak trees-they are the tree's way of encasing either a bug or a worm can't remember so as not to harm the tree. In the spring when they are green they are filled with a liquid that can be processed into an ink, and when they dry and the bug is gone they are used in natural dyeing
    I love moss so there are a couple photos of moss and this first one I took so you could see our land just drops off into steep hollers in places-this one is really steep

(all photos will enlarge just click on them)

I  was surprised to see this wild fern greening up already

This photo below is my favorite trail that leads to the bottom of a holler and especially in the spring holds water-a little stream-I have taken many a walk to gather rocks since we've moved here. and have fantasized of early pioneers and native americans walking this same area.
    This is a nice gradual climb down and up too not straight  like some are-I did not quite make it to the bottom today. feeling my age for sure-and my lack of continuing to walk the last few years. 

               The oak gall hanging on a small oak tree. 

and thought I would share a deer print-which you know are quite plentiful here-and I have deer eating right now out my bay window.

I am off to get some chicken soup made for supper-perhaps even some dumplings too


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