Sunday, February 28, 2016

Just a Little Politics

Why are so many Americans wanting to change America-The United States of America into a Socialist America??  This is NOT what our country was founded on-it is what they were getting away from.

   I know many want all the handouts they can get out of government, dependence on the government but I don't understand why those people don't understand why in the end that takes away our freedoms, our ability to believe in ourselves, take care of ourselves without government-as time progresses a  socialist government in the end controlling every aspect of our lives.
   In my view no one has the "right" to free education, "right" to free healthcare, etc etc-you do have the right and your choice to live a good honest life, work hard, and care for your own self and fellow man. That is what is great or used to be anyways about America-we have choices here.

  I believe this next Presidential election is crucial to keeping this great nation free.
     As crazy as it has become we must search out all the candidates-not listen to the ads and the attacks on each other-but really really delve into their characters and past-you can do that online or the library. It is more difficult this year as neither side in my opinion has a quality candidate worthy of a vote-but I can see that this year in particular we are voting for socialism or freedom-it's really that simple


  1. I am not with you on this one. I do think we deserve universal healthcare, not necessarily free health care. And I think everyone deserve affordable education past 12 grade.

  2. I'm afraid i'm with Mereknits here too Kathy. Key word is affordable for the average person. However i think everyone should be here legally and not bleed the system dry. Every capable person should have to work, even if its McDonalds wouldn't believe the amount of 'Now Hiring' signs i see.... We make a mistake when you make more money from the Gov. by not working than working... Its suppose to be a Hand up not a hand out...But i digress... I sure wish they would give us better candidates to chose from... i don't feel any of them are worthy...truly.. Hugs! deb

  3. Agree. But our options in this next election don't give much promise.

  4. thanks for your opinions the purpose of this post was to get us voters to think this election through-and well.
    I personally just don't believe in government handouts and mostly when it discourages people to work which has happened in the last several years.

    as to colleges there are excellent colleges that have free tuition but it is a working college-so you must work at the college One excelent example is College of the Ozarks here in Missouri near Branson nicknamed Hard Work U why shouldn't one work for wnat they need instead of always a handout??

    1. edit that should read when handouts discourage people not to work


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