Sunday, February 28, 2016

Just a Little Politics

Why are so many Americans wanting to change America-The United States of America into a Socialist America??  This is NOT what our country was founded on-it is what they were getting away from.

   I know many want all the handouts they can get out of government, dependence on the government but I don't understand why those people don't understand why in the end that takes away our freedoms, our ability to believe in ourselves, take care of ourselves without government-as time progresses a  socialist government in the end controlling every aspect of our lives.
   In my view no one has the "right" to free education, "right" to free healthcare, etc etc-you do have the right and your choice to live a good honest life, work hard, and care for your own self and fellow man. That is what is great or used to be anyways about America-we have choices here.

  I believe this next Presidential election is crucial to keeping this great nation free.
     As crazy as it has become we must search out all the candidates-not listen to the ads and the attacks on each other-but really really delve into their characters and past-you can do that online or the library. It is more difficult this year as neither side in my opinion has a quality candidate worthy of a vote-but I can see that this year in particular we are voting for socialism or freedom-it's really that simple


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