Monday, February 29, 2016

I Decided We Needed Chocolate Covered Popcorn-LOL

  I have had a taste for this fabulous treat for a couple weeks now, so since we have full sunshine decided this morning was a perfect day to make this  It is in the oven now and mmmm I can smell the dark chocolate. Go here for my recipe and more photos
     This recipe tastes like those gourmet chocolate treats-crunchy-not soggy, it stores well and I have even frozen it with success-so as not to eat too much lol
   I upgrade the milk chocolate to a quality dark chocolate. 

  With all the medical issues we had going on between the two of us since Christmas I have not made any of our favorite sweet treats-so we deserve it at least that's my excuse.

   Hubby is recovering well, but still needs more time to be back to "normal" or before-but he is working pretty much full time again, and him and Mr L are planning some fishing day trips-so that's good news to me.

   I am still enjoying reading again-I go in spurts and read non stop some days. I hand scrubbed a couple tile floors since friday-so reading was my reward.
    While waiting for a couple of my favorite authors and their new releases I have read some really different type books for me-I don't do mystery types or who done it books very often but I did read one over the weekend that was really well written The Wild Inside by Carbo a novel of suspense.  I happened to pick this up when the price was much lower than what it is listed at now
      It's good to read something really out of my norm from time to time.

   I am still working on my civil war hexagons in the evenings-very slow progress though. 
   I still have a couple more embroidery blocks to do so I can put a quilt together-I am working on that as well in the evenings.

  Wow another 70 degree f day today and no wind this time. We will bottom out tomorrow though cold but missing the rains again-we are headed toward a drought come spring if we don't start getting some rains we are many inches below normal right now.  
    This week I will be planting a few plastic gallon jug greenhouses for my cold weather seeds-broccoli in particular. I have all my seeds collected now. I even bought some garlic chive seeds for sprouts. 
    We had purchased a refurbished commercial pour over coffee pot-makes the most awesome coffee-tea, so have been using only distilled water in that-I will definately have enough jugs this spring to use for my mini greenhouses.

Happy Leap Day everyone! and hope you all have a wonderful new week ahead  Are you into any fun projects??

  Mmmmm Just out of the oven

I added about 4 more cups of popcorn to each batch to stretch the chocolate 

photos will enlarge just click on them


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