Saturday, February 6, 2016

Good Morning Saturday: Walking, Animal tracks and Fairies

  The sun is still shining here in my woods, which really lifts my spirits. We have been enjoying lovely spring like weather too which really has made me happy happy.

  I am hoping I have finally broken the cycle of not sticking with my walking. I have clipped on my omron pedometer which keeps tracks of my steps and off for a walk in my woods I go. 
   For some reason I had it in my mind that my goal was 4000 steps a day minimum, however researching online again-for a woman over the age of 60 I need to have a goal of 6000 steps to 8500 steps a day. Especially in the colder months and being retired I have become too sedentary for sure-so as a result have gained inches and weight-which is just not acceptable to me, and in my senior years I need to work on staying more flexible and mobile.

    So the first three days my goal was around 3000 steps a day per walk in the woods and then progress on that. So yesterday I decided to do two walks and I reached over 7000 steps-so not that difficult  to obtain. Once stronger I hope to reach my goal in one walk.
   I have learned to always grab a little bag now to carry "finds" along  my walks: as I have found more oak gulls-for my natural dye adventures, and yesterday a really nice  turkey feather find. I am thinking as I progress I need to dig up a lightweight back pack to carry a bottle of water, binoculars and my camera.
   On my early morning walk yesterday I heard a woodpecker but couldn't find him, and on my second walk I found fresh animal tracks. I walked back to get the camera so hubby could identify the tracks for me. Need to know who is walking this close to the house on the trails. (we do have large cats, bob cats, cougars, small bear)

    This first track is a bobcat and there were allot of fresh prints since the last time I walked through bobcats usually watch up in the trees and don't bother people

   These next two tracks are of a cougar print these tracks are about a week old at least

Notice the bobcat prints shows no toe nails but the cougar print does show toe nails  (all photos will enlarge just click on them)

   I have always loved fairies-fantasized through the years that perhaps I would see one in my gardens; so when I read about wool fairies in a blog I follow had to share with my readers. 
    Making Flowers from Wool here  a post from the blog Wool Tribulations of Hand Spinning and Herbal Dyeing

Will you be watching or going to the super bowl? having or going to a party?       
      Hubby does not watch sports at all-once in awhile a little soccer but that's it, so it will just be me and the tv lol 
      I don't always watch if I don't care for the teams-but have a soft spot for the Denver Broncos. I lived in Denver in the late 70s during a super bowl win-and it was soooo much fun back then. Although I am not a Manning fan what so ever I do admire his accomplishments and would be nice if he could pull out one more win. 
    As you know I am a huge Brett Favre fan and always wanted him to win one more super bowl which he did not.
   Anyways I am thinking this could be an excellent defensive game so a close game down to the finish-or a blowout win from Carolina--just my thoughts on it lol

Happy weekend to all of you


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