Saturday, February 20, 2016

Good Morning Saturday a Little Catch Up

   Good morning everyone,

Wow we are in the 70's f for a few days what a treat for sure. 

     Still walking and Thursday I was able to get my 6000 plus steps in all at once instead of doing two walks-so I am getting stronger. I did take a 5 minute break but was pleased with myself. It takes about an hour and 45 minutes right now to complete-that's allot of steps lol
    I did have an eventful walk one day this week-very exciting. I was off a trail and just wondering in the woods and a red tailed hawk must have seen me and flew off-right in front of me-close-that was cool. Then on my second walk that day as I was getting close to one of our food plots I thought I saw an eagle fly by-wow--so getting closer the eagle flew back in front of me the other direction-no question now as I saw the head. Also what I thought was a very large hawk at first flying to a high tree branch ended up being a juvenile eagle from last year-so this was probably a female eagle with her youngster. They were still "hanging out" the following day too.
      We live nearby the Niangua river so we have eagles in the area but this is the first I have seen them on our property.
    Yesterday I went in to the "big city" with a friend. We go together to get our taxes done and then have fun checking out craft stores etc.
    This time we made it to a handmade chocolate factory that I had learned about a few years back and have been wanting to visit. Askinoise Chocolate has quite a story, he starts with the bean and then makes the chocolates. Gives back to communities, teaches young people and more. I purchased a couple bars and also a cannister of cocoa nibs. I am anxious to try the dark chocolate made with coconut sugar and coconut.
   I had a list of items for Hobby Lobby-I love that store-everything art and crafts and beads-we always check out the beads. I have been wanting to experiment with eco printing on papers so I was on the hunt for different papers. I found a mineral paper made from rocks, and various weights of watercolor papers, I also had purchased rice paper online. Needed heavy bulldog clips to keep things pressed together and found those too. I picked up an adult coloring book of botanicals and of course a couple packages of beads and a very cool octopus for my under water embroidery project on wool which I have not yet started.
   On the way home we stop at Sam's club for a few items. Brought back bags of fresh fruits that I can't find nice in the stores around me and some other really good buys for when our friends start coming down for spring visits.

    As I was unloading the car when I got home, I heard Canada geese-awesome. Larry said two pairs had arrived yesterday on one of our ponds-so will wait and see if they decide to nest-especially since they lost their eggs last spring.

Another spring like day today with strong rain storms moving in late-so I will be taking another lovely walk in my woods today-and it's February still  lol  loving it

Happy Weekend everyone


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