Monday, February 29, 2016

I Decided We Needed Chocolate Covered Popcorn-LOL

  I have had a taste for this fabulous treat for a couple weeks now, so since we have full sunshine decided this morning was a perfect day to make this  It is in the oven now and mmmm I can smell the dark chocolate. Go here for my recipe and more photos
     This recipe tastes like those gourmet chocolate treats-crunchy-not soggy, it stores well and I have even frozen it with success-so as not to eat too much lol
   I upgrade the milk chocolate to a quality dark chocolate. 

  With all the medical issues we had going on between the two of us since Christmas I have not made any of our favorite sweet treats-so we deserve it at least that's my excuse.

   Hubby is recovering well, but still needs more time to be back to "normal" or before-but he is working pretty much full time again, and him and Mr L are planning some fishing day trips-so that's good news to me.

   I am still enjoying reading again-I go in spurts and read non stop some days. I hand scrubbed a couple tile floors since friday-so reading was my reward.
    While waiting for a couple of my favorite authors and their new releases I have read some really different type books for me-I don't do mystery types or who done it books very often but I did read one over the weekend that was really well written The Wild Inside by Carbo a novel of suspense.  I happened to pick this up when the price was much lower than what it is listed at now
      It's good to read something really out of my norm from time to time.

   I am still working on my civil war hexagons in the evenings-very slow progress though. 
   I still have a couple more embroidery blocks to do so I can put a quilt together-I am working on that as well in the evenings.

  Wow another 70 degree f day today and no wind this time. We will bottom out tomorrow though cold but missing the rains again-we are headed toward a drought come spring if we don't start getting some rains we are many inches below normal right now.  
    This week I will be planting a few plastic gallon jug greenhouses for my cold weather seeds-broccoli in particular. I have all my seeds collected now. I even bought some garlic chive seeds for sprouts. 
    We had purchased a refurbished commercial pour over coffee pot-makes the most awesome coffee-tea, so have been using only distilled water in that-I will definately have enough jugs this spring to use for my mini greenhouses.

Happy Leap Day everyone! and hope you all have a wonderful new week ahead  Are you into any fun projects??

  Mmmmm Just out of the oven

I added about 4 more cups of popcorn to each batch to stretch the chocolate 

photos will enlarge just click on them

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Just a Little Politics

Why are so many Americans wanting to change America-The United States of America into a Socialist America??  This is NOT what our country was founded on-it is what they were getting away from.

   I know many want all the handouts they can get out of government, dependence on the government but I don't understand why those people don't understand why in the end that takes away our freedoms, our ability to believe in ourselves, take care of ourselves without government-as time progresses a  socialist government in the end controlling every aspect of our lives.
   In my view no one has the "right" to free education, "right" to free healthcare, etc etc-you do have the right and your choice to live a good honest life, work hard, and care for your own self and fellow man. That is what is great or used to be anyways about America-we have choices here.

  I believe this next Presidential election is crucial to keeping this great nation free.
     As crazy as it has become we must search out all the candidates-not listen to the ads and the attacks on each other-but really really delve into their characters and past-you can do that online or the library. It is more difficult this year as neither side in my opinion has a quality candidate worthy of a vote-but I can see that this year in particular we are voting for socialism or freedom-it's really that simple

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Welcome Home Sir John and Izzy

The past ten days or so we have been hearing geese fly over head and also a couple pairs have landed in the ponds, stayed awhile and then left.

   This morning while at the computer which sits next to the bay window in the living room; I see a pair of geese looking for corn at the stump-so of course it's gotta be "our" returning pair Sir John and Izzy. This is the third year.
   So after they left I put out some corn, and showed them I had corn while they were swimming in the pond. I took the second photo through the fence by the house so as not to surprise them too much I welcomed them home and showed them I had food.  
   Of course not more than 5 minutes later the deer who "spy" on me for food have arrived-good thing I sprinkled some food near the pond and under the mimosa.

  Will keep you posted if they decide to nest here again on the little island in one of the ponds. If you remember last year a predator robbed them of their eggs.

  Looks to be a lovely weekend again with sunshine and another warm up into the 60s loving that.  I think I will start setting up those gallon plastic jug-greenhouses soon for a few cold weather seeds like broccoli, and get myself ready to start lots of seeds again come April-I was really pleased with the results last year. so much easier too and the plants are hardier in the end since they stay outdoors to grow.

Enjoy your weekend

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Good Morning Saturday a Little Catch Up

   Good morning everyone,

Wow we are in the 70's f for a few days what a treat for sure. 

     Still walking and Thursday I was able to get my 6000 plus steps in all at once instead of doing two walks-so I am getting stronger. I did take a 5 minute break but was pleased with myself. It takes about an hour and 45 minutes right now to complete-that's allot of steps lol
    I did have an eventful walk one day this week-very exciting. I was off a trail and just wondering in the woods and a red tailed hawk must have seen me and flew off-right in front of me-close-that was cool. Then on my second walk that day as I was getting close to one of our food plots I thought I saw an eagle fly by-wow--so getting closer the eagle flew back in front of me the other direction-no question now as I saw the head. Also what I thought was a very large hawk at first flying to a high tree branch ended up being a juvenile eagle from last year-so this was probably a female eagle with her youngster. They were still "hanging out" the following day too.
      We live nearby the Niangua river so we have eagles in the area but this is the first I have seen them on our property.
    Yesterday I went in to the "big city" with a friend. We go together to get our taxes done and then have fun checking out craft stores etc.
    This time we made it to a handmade chocolate factory that I had learned about a few years back and have been wanting to visit. Askinoise Chocolate has quite a story, he starts with the bean and then makes the chocolates. Gives back to communities, teaches young people and more. I purchased a couple bars and also a cannister of cocoa nibs. I am anxious to try the dark chocolate made with coconut sugar and coconut.
   I had a list of items for Hobby Lobby-I love that store-everything art and crafts and beads-we always check out the beads. I have been wanting to experiment with eco printing on papers so I was on the hunt for different papers. I found a mineral paper made from rocks, and various weights of watercolor papers, I also had purchased rice paper online. Needed heavy bulldog clips to keep things pressed together and found those too. I picked up an adult coloring book of botanicals and of course a couple packages of beads and a very cool octopus for my under water embroidery project on wool which I have not yet started.
   On the way home we stop at Sam's club for a few items. Brought back bags of fresh fruits that I can't find nice in the stores around me and some other really good buys for when our friends start coming down for spring visits.

    As I was unloading the car when I got home, I heard Canada geese-awesome. Larry said two pairs had arrived yesterday on one of our ponds-so will wait and see if they decide to nest-especially since they lost their eggs last spring.

Another spring like day today with strong rain storms moving in late-so I will be taking another lovely walk in my woods today-and it's February still  lol  loving it

Happy Weekend everyone

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Look Who Strolled Past our Bay Window

Quite a handsome fella indeed. He had his eyes on a doe that was here eating so he must have followed her here. Don't usually see this nice a spread on antlers in this area

Larry spotted him through the windows during supper so I hurried and grabbed the camera. He was next to the rose bushes to the left of this looking right at me through the window-so when I took the photo he stamped his foot at me-lol and then strolled off. He got up behind the row of tall pines eyeing the doe-and that's when I got this photo. The doe took off and so did he. (photo will enlarge to full screen)

Our bay window entertainment

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Photos My Walk Today

 Wow 2 blogs in one day lol

   I again took two walks as not strong enough yet to get 6000 or more steps in one walk-grabbed the camera too.
      I collected quite a few more oak galls-I think many are now falling that were high up in the trees. I took a photo of one on the ground and one hanging on a small tree. These are found on oak trees-they are the tree's way of encasing either a bug or a worm can't remember so as not to harm the tree. In the spring when they are green they are filled with a liquid that can be processed into an ink, and when they dry and the bug is gone they are used in natural dyeing
    I love moss so there are a couple photos of moss and this first one I took so you could see our land just drops off into steep hollers in places-this one is really steep

(all photos will enlarge just click on them)

I  was surprised to see this wild fern greening up already

This photo below is my favorite trail that leads to the bottom of a holler and especially in the spring holds water-a little stream-I have taken many a walk to gather rocks since we've moved here. and have fantasized of early pioneers and native americans walking this same area.
    This is a nice gradual climb down and up too not straight  like some are-I did not quite make it to the bottom today. feeling my age for sure-and my lack of continuing to walk the last few years. 

               The oak gall hanging on a small oak tree. 

and thought I would share a deer print-which you know are quite plentiful here-and I have deer eating right now out my bay window.

I am off to get some chicken soup made for supper-perhaps even some dumplings too

Good Morning Saturday: Walking, Animal tracks and Fairies

  The sun is still shining here in my woods, which really lifts my spirits. We have been enjoying lovely spring like weather too which really has made me happy happy.

  I am hoping I have finally broken the cycle of not sticking with my walking. I have clipped on my omron pedometer which keeps tracks of my steps and off for a walk in my woods I go. 
   For some reason I had it in my mind that my goal was 4000 steps a day minimum, however researching online again-for a woman over the age of 60 I need to have a goal of 6000 steps to 8500 steps a day. Especially in the colder months and being retired I have become too sedentary for sure-so as a result have gained inches and weight-which is just not acceptable to me, and in my senior years I need to work on staying more flexible and mobile.

    So the first three days my goal was around 3000 steps a day per walk in the woods and then progress on that. So yesterday I decided to do two walks and I reached over 7000 steps-so not that difficult  to obtain. Once stronger I hope to reach my goal in one walk.
   I have learned to always grab a little bag now to carry "finds" along  my walks: as I have found more oak gulls-for my natural dye adventures, and yesterday a really nice  turkey feather find. I am thinking as I progress I need to dig up a lightweight back pack to carry a bottle of water, binoculars and my camera.
   On my early morning walk yesterday I heard a woodpecker but couldn't find him, and on my second walk I found fresh animal tracks. I walked back to get the camera so hubby could identify the tracks for me. Need to know who is walking this close to the house on the trails. (we do have large cats, bob cats, cougars, small bear)

    This first track is a bobcat and there were allot of fresh prints since the last time I walked through bobcats usually watch up in the trees and don't bother people

   These next two tracks are of a cougar print these tracks are about a week old at least

Notice the bobcat prints shows no toe nails but the cougar print does show toe nails  (all photos will enlarge just click on them)

   I have always loved fairies-fantasized through the years that perhaps I would see one in my gardens; so when I read about wool fairies in a blog I follow had to share with my readers. 
    Making Flowers from Wool here  a post from the blog Wool Tribulations of Hand Spinning and Herbal Dyeing

Will you be watching or going to the super bowl? having or going to a party?       
      Hubby does not watch sports at all-once in awhile a little soccer but that's it, so it will just be me and the tv lol 
      I don't always watch if I don't care for the teams-but have a soft spot for the Denver Broncos. I lived in Denver in the late 70s during a super bowl win-and it was soooo much fun back then. Although I am not a Manning fan what so ever I do admire his accomplishments and would be nice if he could pull out one more win. 
    As you know I am a huge Brett Favre fan and always wanted him to win one more super bowl which he did not.
   Anyways I am thinking this could be an excellent defensive game so a close game down to the finish-or a blowout win from Carolina--just my thoughts on it lol

Happy weekend to all of you


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