Thursday, January 28, 2016

I Love my new French Press and Thanks for your Comments

  Good Morning everyone, and a coffee story:

I have to go decaf coffee now otherwise the caffeine raises my blood pressure-allot.  I look for good quality decaf coffees and the flavor is still just as delicious.

   For several years now we have been enjoying a commercial coffee maker that hubby found at a garage sale-it has a warmer on top so I can make coffee for me, put up there, and then make coffee for hubby too on the bottom. This coffee maker makes excellent coffee and fast-but it is in need of some new parts and a really really good cleaning-only thing I don't like about it-difficult to clean.

    Anyways the reason for that story is I bought a cheap coffee maker for hubby until that one gets fixed, but hard to make me coffee too. 
   I have been searching other alternatives for me-I have an old Pyrex percolator coffee maker-for times when we are out of electric-so tried that for a couple days. Even though I really watched it and kept it down to a really slow bubble-it still had that hint of a bitter after taste
   I searched out one of those k cup type coffee makers but wanted one with its own filter so I could use my own coffee-I am not into all that waste of those cups. Decided that was just too expensive and didn't need it really in the end. That is my new question for things I purchase-Do I really need it??
   So while searching around on the net I ran into a blog post where someone was going through something similar as me (looking for an alternative to make coffee other than the typical coffee machine) and ended up purchasing a French Press. 
   I just got mine in the mail a few days ago-and I Love Love this. No filters to buy, easy to clean, it's beautiful, and it makes delicious gourmet flavor coffee. I am in love with my morning coffee again lol

I searched on the net, read lots and lots of reviews and decided on this one--found on Amazon from Sovrano International, they also have an excellent customer service department-I asked a question about it and got a reply right away.

    I want to thank all of you that commented on my Google + post --you have the same thoughts I do about it, so now I don't feel so bad-I am not that tech savy so feel better now.        I think I will just use it to keep in touch with my one friend.
   During one of Vicki's Grow Your Blog parties I had discovered that Google + bloggers (when you combine your blog together with the Google +or only use Google +) you become a no reply blogger-that is a very bad glitch for how this platform works. 
    So no more thinking about combining the two.

     Hubby still has a ways to go after his operation, I just called the doctor's nurse and she said another month-but the pain level is much better tolerated-and he was able to do some of his business work yesterday. So am happy about that.

A nice break-wow a long weekend of 60's f  amazing- I love it!!

Have a wonderful Thursday


  1. That's a great looking French press, Kathy. I love the coffee from mine, too.
    Hope you hubby is completely well soon.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. That's a nice press. I got a French press years ago and love it. I even knitted a little cozy for it to keep the coffee warm. However, we do also have a coffee maker that makes a single cup of coffee and doesn't require k-cups. It came with two stainless steel filter cups to put the coffee in. And, it even has two settings for regular and bold. The strength can also be adjusted by how much or little coffee is added to the cup. Hubby even adds cinnamon to his. You can even adjust how how much coffee it makes depending on the size cup we use because that's how much water we add. It's nice if I just want one quick cup. And, hubby can make one right after me with his decaf. And, it's easy to clean. It's Hamilton Beach but I don't remember the model and it doesn't say on the machine. I use a moka pot to make espresso. It's nice, non electronic, and a bit more earth friendly than the old espresso machine we used to have. Yay, coffee! :-D

    1. thank you for mentioning the moka pot as I was not familiar with that-sounds fun too

  3. Like the look of that french press but I have been using my melita for so long I don't think I will ever change.
    Finally found my page on google+ and posted something silly. Hope you get a notice for it. Hope I can find it again. Good luck finding your gmail.
    Glad to hear Larry is feeling better.

    1. I think if you click on home it will take you back not sure though lol I need to find where my gmail is for sure. I am really loving my french press and I like it that it is not electonics

    2. that is what I like about my malita also. no electronics

    3. I really love that too-less electronics

  4. Oh, a French Press is wonderful for making just one cup. I do love Starbucks, even the decaf. I am one of those that has four cups of industrial grade jet fuel every morning.

  5. Hi Kathy. Those French Press makers are very popular over here, too. I've used them myself several times in the past, although I don't have one currently.

    Google+ ?? Wouldn't touch it, it's a overly limited, and some say complicated, site. I just stick with Blogger.

    On the subject of Blogger, if I'm late responding to your posts it's because I don't come on Blogger every day like I used to. Apart from my 'Picture This' group, I only have two friends (yourself included) that still use Blogger. So I only come on here every two or three days.

    1. Hi Mitch I was wondering why you were not posting as much here. I am not a fan of facebook at a all but seems like most of my friends there now-kinda sad I think I always enjoyed a blogging platform more but it is a way to stay in touch with them

  6. I've often thought I'd like to try a French Press but have never gotten around to it.

  7. Your poor husband and poor ou! Not easy to have a husband who is in pain. Have a coffee and relax.

  8. Glad that you have found a coffee maker that works for you! My husband has a percolator and one of these and he loves them both. xx

  9. What an interesting post! Making good coffee is so important. :)
    When I started blogging, my blog was connected to Google+... and that created nothing but troubles. I try to share some photos there every now and then, but there isn't any real interaction with other users.
    Have a great week ahead!

  10. How wonderful that you have a French press. I have often thought about getting one and just last week another blogging friend mentioned how she liked her new French press :)

    Have a fabulous week, Kathy! Hugs!

  11. I'm so happy you discoverd the French Press for yourself :D That's what I bought for my hubby, too, since he is the only one drinking coffee at home and he loves it as well :)
    I hope you are doing well!
    Have a wonderful rest of the week.
    Lots of love and hugs to you,

  12. My son in law uses the French Press for coffee on his naval ship since their coffee is terrible. I don't like coffee myself, I am a tea gal.

  13. I'm sure I feel the same way about tea as you do about coffee. I do like coffee, but tea is easier to make. I just make coffee with my drip coffee maker when guests come, and my brother loves his coffee STRONG, so that's how we drink it. Your French press looks very enticing with that warm brew ;)

  14. Hi Kathy-- I'm so excited about your French press-- I've always wondered about them. I find them to be intriguing...
    It's good to hear that your husband is slowly recovering, I hope he is being a good patient for you..
    Hope you are staying warm and snug in the winter weather...


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