Thursday, January 28, 2016

I Love my new French Press and Thanks for your Comments

  Good Morning everyone, and a coffee story:

I have to go decaf coffee now otherwise the caffeine raises my blood pressure-allot.  I look for good quality decaf coffees and the flavor is still just as delicious.

   For several years now we have been enjoying a commercial coffee maker that hubby found at a garage sale-it has a warmer on top so I can make coffee for me, put up there, and then make coffee for hubby too on the bottom. This coffee maker makes excellent coffee and fast-but it is in need of some new parts and a really really good cleaning-only thing I don't like about it-difficult to clean.

    Anyways the reason for that story is I bought a cheap coffee maker for hubby until that one gets fixed, but hard to make me coffee too. 
   I have been searching other alternatives for me-I have an old Pyrex percolator coffee maker-for times when we are out of electric-so tried that for a couple days. Even though I really watched it and kept it down to a really slow bubble-it still had that hint of a bitter after taste
   I searched out one of those k cup type coffee makers but wanted one with its own filter so I could use my own coffee-I am not into all that waste of those cups. Decided that was just too expensive and didn't need it really in the end. That is my new question for things I purchase-Do I really need it??
   So while searching around on the net I ran into a blog post where someone was going through something similar as me (looking for an alternative to make coffee other than the typical coffee machine) and ended up purchasing a French Press. 
   I just got mine in the mail a few days ago-and I Love Love this. No filters to buy, easy to clean, it's beautiful, and it makes delicious gourmet flavor coffee. I am in love with my morning coffee again lol

I searched on the net, read lots and lots of reviews and decided on this one--found on Amazon from Sovrano International, they also have an excellent customer service department-I asked a question about it and got a reply right away.

    I want to thank all of you that commented on my Google + post --you have the same thoughts I do about it, so now I don't feel so bad-I am not that tech savy so feel better now.        I think I will just use it to keep in touch with my one friend.
   During one of Vicki's Grow Your Blog parties I had discovered that Google + bloggers (when you combine your blog together with the Google +or only use Google +) you become a no reply blogger-that is a very bad glitch for how this platform works. 
    So no more thinking about combining the two.

     Hubby still has a ways to go after his operation, I just called the doctor's nurse and she said another month-but the pain level is much better tolerated-and he was able to do some of his business work yesterday. So am happy about that.

A nice break-wow a long weekend of 60's f  amazing- I love it!!

Have a wonderful Thursday


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