Monday, January 25, 2016

I Decided my Page Needed a New Look--what do ya think??

  Since this has been such a rough month I decided I needed a change, I really love my page now and can almost hear the water flowing over the rocks.
     Can you read everything ok??

  While many were fighting a winter blizzard we here in the ozarks got our warm up-high winds but since it's up to 60 degrees f today already I can handle the high winds. I don't see any more ice sitting around either. With February coming up it will be Spring before we know it here. Already thinking of going over my seeds and deciding when to start some of them-I will be using those little greenhouses made from vinegar bottles again-that worked out so well for me last year.

   So did any of you catch the X Files tv show back on Fox last night?? Second part is tonight and then I guess there is suppose to be 6 episodes total. I enjoyed it-too many commercials though. That was a surprise for me that they brought back this show-same characters too.

  Hubby I think finally got over the worst of his operation today-extreme pain for the most part is gone now. Still at least another week or more before he will feel good enough to go back to his work. The doctor let us know before hand that this would be a tough one, but didn't expect it to be this bad.  
    I haven't been motivated for my projects with all this stuff that has been going on this month-but I am really enjoying reading again-which I haven't taken the time to do since I was a child. I usually felt guilty reading when there was so much other stuff to do-but since it makes me happy I am just reading when I want to now. and I do still really enjoy  my Voyage kindle-the light is so perfect with it.

    Hope your Monday is a good one



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