Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Good Morning Tuesday (a Little Catch up and New's Year's Resolutions or Words)

  Good morning Friends, and brrrrr it has been very chilly here after all that flooding rain we got here in Missouri.

   We live up high enough from the river not to get flooded, but wow 10" of rain in three days is allot of rain for sure-all of our ponds here over flowed. and Then we got much colder weather-low 20s and teens which I am just not used to any more.

   The holidays were rough on me this time around. Christmas eve morning I moved or picked up something I shouldn't have and my lower back went out-ouch I have not done this in about 5 years so and had forgotten all the pain and discomfort this brings. 
   I finally was able to sit and stand more normal come New Year's eve morning when after chewing something-ouch major pain in an upper molar-so with the holidays couldn't talk to a dentist til yesterday morning but they were able to fit me in early today.
      I started keeping a bottle of oil of oregano around for just this sort of emergency-it is an herbal antibiotic-must take with food or it will make you sick (at least is does me)-but it helped to make things more tolerable-the swelling under the tooth went down in half so it definately did something to help. 
      Since I can't take pain medicines well, I have been using allot of white willow bark through all this. To help numb the pain- I made up a salt solution-one teaspoon sea salt in a cup of water-and then brewed a peppermint tea bag in that-made a good "medicine" to swish around my bad tooth area.

    What a "pain" all this has been. LOL 
So the holidays just passed right over us this year-and when your back is bad one just can't do much-like baking, cooking, cleaning-hoping to be able to do a better job by end of this week.
   I have not been out of this house in a month so need to do a little grocery shopping after the dentist as well.

Do you make New Year's resolutions or choose a word for the new year???  

     I have never seriously done that. In the beginning of the year I do contemplate on what I would like to accomplish or achieve but never made a big deal of it-just a personal thought process.  On here I have been reading blogs where many of you choose a word for the coming year.
     However this morning my friend Carol posted about instead of a word-why not a phrase and then make a quilt--I am loving her idea the best so far.

    In any case I hope all of us have a healthy, happy new year ahead with some art and creativity thrown in for sure


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