Monday, January 11, 2016

Good Morning Monday with a Few Photos

   If you watch pro football did your teams win??  
My long time favorite team (since 1967) won their game and they finally looked liked they came to play some serious football-so am happy with Green Bay. 
     I watched the Vikings game and although I am not a fan I felt so bad for them-they played a much better game overall til the very end-but then they were playing in minus 6 degree weather-so I just really feel for them-but then that's why this is just a game. sigh
      I also have been following the KC Chiefs for a few years now since they got a new coach and quarterback and they are looking good-happy for them. They now have 11 straight wins and this is their first playoff win in 22 years. This would be the local team here for me.
   In these kinds of games I usually want the underdog (unless it's Green Bay lol) to win instead of those teams that just manage to get in every year. So enough about football lol

    We did end up with about 4 inches of snow, high winds and extreme cold over the weekend. We will be warming up quite a bit this week. I did take a few photos from indoors. 

(click to enlarge photos)

   Over the weekend I decided to bring out a couple of my crafts. I haven't done anything in months since my living room project, and then over the holidays my aching back and tooth. Soooo felt good to get into something. I brought out my civil war hexie project, and also a basket of long romney locks that had been washed and now need a brushing with my flicker.  
     However, I am so saddened that my left hand thumb area got inflamed and very painful after just a little bit-so I need to figure out what I can do about this-not good. I have so much I want to accomplish yet and I have lots of wool to process and lots of hexies to sew up, plus weaving and more.

click to enlarge photos

Of course Miss Calico kitty is always nearby-she is such a sweetie, we have really enjoyed having her with us in the house.

So those of you that can have you caught the powerball fever??  I bought my first ticket for Saturday's game and really can't believe it has rolled over again. 

      I couldn't understand why this keeps rolling over and they had an interview with someone that is in charge of this game-and he said the people wanted higher jackpots so that's what he gave them-instead of our odds being 1 in a million plus the odds are now 1 in almost 3 million-I think this is all craziness. 
      I have been thinking though---can you imagine all the good that can be done with this kind of money??? I have been thinking about a list of charities that would benefit from one million dollar trust funds. I hope who ever wins in the end will do good deeds with this.

Have an awesome week everyone-share a smile and kindness along the way


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