Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Do any of use Google+ ?

  I connected up online with a dear friend last month from France.  We had been blogging friends since Yahoo 360 and then to Multiply-after that we all had to find a new blogging platform to use if we wanted to stay connected.
    Sadly there really is nothing similar to Multiply for a really good blogging experience-it had an inbox so you always knew easily when someone commented or posted, it had photo albums, selling options and much more.

   Anyways several of my friends opted to only use facebook or not at all. In the search after Multiply I thought Google + might be nice to use cause you could set up circles for different groups of friends if you wanted to do a chat-but I found no friends interested in that platform. On Multiply something I really liked was you could set up your blog posts to be seen by friends you wished to-a nice way to communicate with just a few friends or family-that was a feature that could be used for any post.
      I kept my account there but in the end never really understood the workings of it all that well and although I am connected to a few people no one ever really posts there.       My friend from France is on there so I now have a way to stay connected and view her art work and tales of her kitty and her balcony gardening. So I now check each morning.

Something that really bugs me on Google + is there are posts on my page that I have no idea how they can post on my page, I don't know them and I have not found a way to delete those posts either. They just seem to appear.

  I have another question-how do you get your blog posts here to post over there??  Do you have to combine everything to Google + ? 
    I had done that a year or so ago and I didn't care for it-the main reason comments on my blog no longer went to my email-how else would I even know if someone visited and commented here-that is one thing I really miss from Multiply's set up with the inbox.

Anyways if you are on Google + and you love it there-let me know why and how you have this blog and that connected thanks


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