Thursday, January 21, 2016

A Rough Start to the New Year so Far

  Seems like a rough start to the new year so far.

   The stock market and my retirement funds are continuing to crash.
    I have had some health issues to end and start the year, hubby just went through a very painful operation which is going to take several weeks to recover and feel better from,
   and very sad losses in the music world and now yesterday I just got the news of a very dear long time blogging friend that suddenly passed on.  
     I was so sad yesterday when I heard the news over on facebook-she had been sick over Christmas and then suddenly died from cancer that she didn't know she had Brenda was quite young and had just retired from teaching. She was from the states but loved Madrid Spain so lived and was a teacher there. I will remember her always-a very kind and caring person I miss her so much already.
   Another wake up call to value every precious day we have with our loved ones.
   My husband and I grew up in northern states so we have seen our share of very cold and tough winters-moving here to southwest Missouri we wanted all the seasons still but a little warmer winter than what we had been used to. Not so this winter season-it's been very cold here down to 0 degrees f on monday morning, ice, a little snow-and still cold. I acutally miss my wood heat from our woodstoves-I have been bundled up and cold all winter so far. Although I really love the more even heat from our gas furnace,  I was warmer before-sigh On the plus side not constantly filling up the stoves and carrying wood has been a blessing for us this month.

   Enough of sadness-I am still enjoying reading again. I have run into authors that are now my favorites that have led me to other books that they used for references. You know I enjoy the 1700s and 1800s time periods so I just ordered the first three books from Amazon's used books named Covered Wagon Women that are actual journal writings from the trips over the Oregon trail There are 11 books total. I also am reading another used book Mountain Spirit which is about the Sheep Eater Indians of Yellowstone-this was also used as a reference material for a series of time travel books set in that time period in Yellowstone and the Tetons. I just started reading this book yesterday afternoon and am learning allot and enjoying it.
    I am still working on a little hand sewing of my hexagons to make this thumb area still work, combing out some wool locks, and soon perhaps next week I plan to start on the ceiling in the bathroom.
    I did also this week go through my veggie-flower-herb seeds and just needed to order a very few items. I am going to concentrate more on some dye plants this year, and more salad greens in the garden. I also ordered a couple different heirloom pea seeds.  Last fall with so many other things happening and warmer than normal weather I totally forgot to empty my stoneware pots and put them away-especially a large strawberry pot that I have had for years and years-hoping it does not crack on me too much. I also didn't get the garden areas cleared like I usually do in the fall-so more work this spring. As I get older time just seems to get away from me.
    We are to get a little more snow today-but nothing like what is coming to the east-if you live in those areas-please stay warm and safe. I can't imagine now being hit with 2 to 3 feet of snow plus ice and cold-brrrrr

    Here's to staying positive and doing what makes us happy


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