Thursday, January 28, 2016

I Love my new French Press and Thanks for your Comments

  Good Morning everyone, and a coffee story:

I have to go decaf coffee now otherwise the caffeine raises my blood pressure-allot.  I look for good quality decaf coffees and the flavor is still just as delicious.

   For several years now we have been enjoying a commercial coffee maker that hubby found at a garage sale-it has a warmer on top so I can make coffee for me, put up there, and then make coffee for hubby too on the bottom. This coffee maker makes excellent coffee and fast-but it is in need of some new parts and a really really good cleaning-only thing I don't like about it-difficult to clean.

    Anyways the reason for that story is I bought a cheap coffee maker for hubby until that one gets fixed, but hard to make me coffee too. 
   I have been searching other alternatives for me-I have an old Pyrex percolator coffee maker-for times when we are out of electric-so tried that for a couple days. Even though I really watched it and kept it down to a really slow bubble-it still had that hint of a bitter after taste
   I searched out one of those k cup type coffee makers but wanted one with its own filter so I could use my own coffee-I am not into all that waste of those cups. Decided that was just too expensive and didn't need it really in the end. That is my new question for things I purchase-Do I really need it??
   So while searching around on the net I ran into a blog post where someone was going through something similar as me (looking for an alternative to make coffee other than the typical coffee machine) and ended up purchasing a French Press. 
   I just got mine in the mail a few days ago-and I Love Love this. No filters to buy, easy to clean, it's beautiful, and it makes delicious gourmet flavor coffee. I am in love with my morning coffee again lol

I searched on the net, read lots and lots of reviews and decided on this one--found on Amazon from Sovrano International, they also have an excellent customer service department-I asked a question about it and got a reply right away.

    I want to thank all of you that commented on my Google + post --you have the same thoughts I do about it, so now I don't feel so bad-I am not that tech savy so feel better now.        I think I will just use it to keep in touch with my one friend.
   During one of Vicki's Grow Your Blog parties I had discovered that Google + bloggers (when you combine your blog together with the Google +or only use Google +) you become a no reply blogger-that is a very bad glitch for how this platform works. 
    So no more thinking about combining the two.

     Hubby still has a ways to go after his operation, I just called the doctor's nurse and she said another month-but the pain level is much better tolerated-and he was able to do some of his business work yesterday. So am happy about that.

A nice break-wow a long weekend of 60's f  amazing- I love it!!

Have a wonderful Thursday

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

For my Quilting Friends

 Barbara Brackman has just posted her newest free BOM for this year Westering Women. This link will take you today's first block-the post before it will give more information.
    It's about those that traveled west in a covered wagon to Oregon or on to California
   Even if I do not end up making the blocks I always enjoy reading all the history that she shares. She usually shares civil war or other subjects so this one seems special to me-especially since I am reading allot about this time period in historical novels and also acutally diaries.

Do any of use Google+ ?

  I connected up online with a dear friend last month from France.  We had been blogging friends since Yahoo 360 and then to Multiply-after that we all had to find a new blogging platform to use if we wanted to stay connected.
    Sadly there really is nothing similar to Multiply for a really good blogging experience-it had an inbox so you always knew easily when someone commented or posted, it had photo albums, selling options and much more.

   Anyways several of my friends opted to only use facebook or not at all. In the search after Multiply I thought Google + might be nice to use cause you could set up circles for different groups of friends if you wanted to do a chat-but I found no friends interested in that platform. On Multiply something I really liked was you could set up your blog posts to be seen by friends you wished to-a nice way to communicate with just a few friends or family-that was a feature that could be used for any post.
      I kept my account there but in the end never really understood the workings of it all that well and although I am connected to a few people no one ever really posts there.       My friend from France is on there so I now have a way to stay connected and view her art work and tales of her kitty and her balcony gardening. So I now check each morning.

Something that really bugs me on Google + is there are posts on my page that I have no idea how they can post on my page, I don't know them and I have not found a way to delete those posts either. They just seem to appear.

  I have another question-how do you get your blog posts here to post over there??  Do you have to combine everything to Google + ? 
    I had done that a year or so ago and I didn't care for it-the main reason comments on my blog no longer went to my email-how else would I even know if someone visited and commented here-that is one thing I really miss from Multiply's set up with the inbox.

Anyways if you are on Google + and you love it there-let me know why and how you have this blog and that connected thanks

Monday, January 25, 2016

I Decided my Page Needed a New Look--what do ya think??

  Since this has been such a rough month I decided I needed a change, I really love my page now and can almost hear the water flowing over the rocks.
     Can you read everything ok??

  While many were fighting a winter blizzard we here in the ozarks got our warm up-high winds but since it's up to 60 degrees f today already I can handle the high winds. I don't see any more ice sitting around either. With February coming up it will be Spring before we know it here. Already thinking of going over my seeds and deciding when to start some of them-I will be using those little greenhouses made from vinegar bottles again-that worked out so well for me last year.

   So did any of you catch the X Files tv show back on Fox last night?? Second part is tonight and then I guess there is suppose to be 6 episodes total. I enjoyed it-too many commercials though. That was a surprise for me that they brought back this show-same characters too.

  Hubby I think finally got over the worst of his operation today-extreme pain for the most part is gone now. Still at least another week or more before he will feel good enough to go back to his work. The doctor let us know before hand that this would be a tough one, but didn't expect it to be this bad.  
    I haven't been motivated for my projects with all this stuff that has been going on this month-but I am really enjoying reading again-which I haven't taken the time to do since I was a child. I usually felt guilty reading when there was so much other stuff to do-but since it makes me happy I am just reading when I want to now. and I do still really enjoy  my Voyage kindle-the light is so perfect with it.

    Hope your Monday is a good one


Thursday, January 21, 2016

A Rough Start to the New Year so Far

  Seems like a rough start to the new year so far.

   The stock market and my retirement funds are continuing to crash.
    I have had some health issues to end and start the year, hubby just went through a very painful operation which is going to take several weeks to recover and feel better from,
   and very sad losses in the music world and now yesterday I just got the news of a very dear long time blogging friend that suddenly passed on.  
     I was so sad yesterday when I heard the news over on facebook-she had been sick over Christmas and then suddenly died from cancer that she didn't know she had Brenda was quite young and had just retired from teaching. She was from the states but loved Madrid Spain so lived and was a teacher there. I will remember her always-a very kind and caring person I miss her so much already.
   Another wake up call to value every precious day we have with our loved ones.
   My husband and I grew up in northern states so we have seen our share of very cold and tough winters-moving here to southwest Missouri we wanted all the seasons still but a little warmer winter than what we had been used to. Not so this winter season-it's been very cold here down to 0 degrees f on monday morning, ice, a little snow-and still cold. I acutally miss my wood heat from our woodstoves-I have been bundled up and cold all winter so far. Although I really love the more even heat from our gas furnace,  I was warmer before-sigh On the plus side not constantly filling up the stoves and carrying wood has been a blessing for us this month.

   Enough of sadness-I am still enjoying reading again. I have run into authors that are now my favorites that have led me to other books that they used for references. You know I enjoy the 1700s and 1800s time periods so I just ordered the first three books from Amazon's used books named Covered Wagon Women that are actual journal writings from the trips over the Oregon trail There are 11 books total. I also am reading another used book Mountain Spirit which is about the Sheep Eater Indians of Yellowstone-this was also used as a reference material for a series of time travel books set in that time period in Yellowstone and the Tetons. I just started reading this book yesterday afternoon and am learning allot and enjoying it.
    I am still working on a little hand sewing of my hexagons to make this thumb area still work, combing out some wool locks, and soon perhaps next week I plan to start on the ceiling in the bathroom.
    I did also this week go through my veggie-flower-herb seeds and just needed to order a very few items. I am going to concentrate more on some dye plants this year, and more salad greens in the garden. I also ordered a couple different heirloom pea seeds.  Last fall with so many other things happening and warmer than normal weather I totally forgot to empty my stoneware pots and put them away-especially a large strawberry pot that I have had for years and years-hoping it does not crack on me too much. I also didn't get the garden areas cleared like I usually do in the fall-so more work this spring. As I get older time just seems to get away from me.
    We are to get a little more snow today-but nothing like what is coming to the east-if you live in those areas-please stay warm and safe. I can't imagine now being hit with 2 to 3 feet of snow plus ice and cold-brrrrr

    Here's to staying positive and doing what makes us happy

Monday, January 11, 2016

Good Morning Monday with a Few Photos

   If you watch pro football did your teams win??  
My long time favorite team (since 1967) won their game and they finally looked liked they came to play some serious football-so am happy with Green Bay. 
     I watched the Vikings game and although I am not a fan I felt so bad for them-they played a much better game overall til the very end-but then they were playing in minus 6 degree weather-so I just really feel for them-but then that's why this is just a game. sigh
      I also have been following the KC Chiefs for a few years now since they got a new coach and quarterback and they are looking good-happy for them. They now have 11 straight wins and this is their first playoff win in 22 years. This would be the local team here for me.
   In these kinds of games I usually want the underdog (unless it's Green Bay lol) to win instead of those teams that just manage to get in every year. So enough about football lol

    We did end up with about 4 inches of snow, high winds and extreme cold over the weekend. We will be warming up quite a bit this week. I did take a few photos from indoors. 

(click to enlarge photos)

   Over the weekend I decided to bring out a couple of my crafts. I haven't done anything in months since my living room project, and then over the holidays my aching back and tooth. Soooo felt good to get into something. I brought out my civil war hexie project, and also a basket of long romney locks that had been washed and now need a brushing with my flicker.  
     However, I am so saddened that my left hand thumb area got inflamed and very painful after just a little bit-so I need to figure out what I can do about this-not good. I have so much I want to accomplish yet and I have lots of wool to process and lots of hexies to sew up, plus weaving and more.

click to enlarge photos

Of course Miss Calico kitty is always nearby-she is such a sweetie, we have really enjoyed having her with us in the house.

So those of you that can have you caught the powerball fever??  I bought my first ticket for Saturday's game and really can't believe it has rolled over again. 

      I couldn't understand why this keeps rolling over and they had an interview with someone that is in charge of this game-and he said the people wanted higher jackpots so that's what he gave them-instead of our odds being 1 in a million plus the odds are now 1 in almost 3 million-I think this is all craziness. 
      I have been thinking though---can you imagine all the good that can be done with this kind of money??? I have been thinking about a list of charities that would benefit from one million dollar trust funds. I hope who ever wins in the end will do good deeds with this.

Have an awesome week everyone-share a smile and kindness along the way

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Update From Google Friend Connect-Good to Know

  I have read a couple posts now about changes to the Google Friend Connect feature here on our blogs, but it didn't all really sink in til I read it again on my friend Ariadne from Greece page

  I had noticed that my friends connect number had decreased over the last few days and now I understand why.

  Here are the changes  The biggest thing to know is that in order to read our blogs here on Google our friends and followers must also have a Google account. Before anyone could sign in on the site from another platform-no more

The latest from Blogger Buzz

An update on Google Friend Connect

2 weeks ago by A Googler
In 2011, we announced the retirement of Google Friend Connect for all non-Blogger sites. We made an exception for Blogger to give readers an easy way to follow blogs using a variety of accounts. Yet over time, we’ve seen that most people sign into Friend Connect with a Google Account. So, in an effort to streamline, in the next few weeks we’ll be making some changes that will eventually require readers to have a Google Account to sign into Friend Connect and follow blogs.

As part of this plan, starting the week of January 11, we’ll remove the ability for people with Twitter, Yahoo, Orkut or other OpenId providers to sign in to Google Friend Connect and follow blogs. At the same time, we’ll remove non-Google Account profiles so you may see a decrease in your blog follower count.

We encourage you to tell affected readers (perhaps via a blog post), that if they use a non-Google Account to follow your blog, they need to sign up for a Google Account, and re-follow your blog. With a Google Account, they’ll get blogs added to their Reading List, making it easier for them to see the latest posts and activity of the blogs they follow.

We know how important followers are to all bloggers, but we believe this change will improve the experience for both you and your readers.

Posted by Michael Goddard, Software Engineer

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Good Morning Tuesday (a Little Catch up and New's Year's Resolutions or Words)

  Good morning Friends, and brrrrr it has been very chilly here after all that flooding rain we got here in Missouri.

   We live up high enough from the river not to get flooded, but wow 10" of rain in three days is allot of rain for sure-all of our ponds here over flowed. and Then we got much colder weather-low 20s and teens which I am just not used to any more.

   The holidays were rough on me this time around. Christmas eve morning I moved or picked up something I shouldn't have and my lower back went out-ouch I have not done this in about 5 years so and had forgotten all the pain and discomfort this brings. 
   I finally was able to sit and stand more normal come New Year's eve morning when after chewing something-ouch major pain in an upper molar-so with the holidays couldn't talk to a dentist til yesterday morning but they were able to fit me in early today.
      I started keeping a bottle of oil of oregano around for just this sort of emergency-it is an herbal antibiotic-must take with food or it will make you sick (at least is does me)-but it helped to make things more tolerable-the swelling under the tooth went down in half so it definately did something to help. 
      Since I can't take pain medicines well, I have been using allot of white willow bark through all this. To help numb the pain- I made up a salt solution-one teaspoon sea salt in a cup of water-and then brewed a peppermint tea bag in that-made a good "medicine" to swish around my bad tooth area.

    What a "pain" all this has been. LOL 
So the holidays just passed right over us this year-and when your back is bad one just can't do much-like baking, cooking, cleaning-hoping to be able to do a better job by end of this week.
   I have not been out of this house in a month so need to do a little grocery shopping after the dentist as well.

Do you make New Year's resolutions or choose a word for the new year???  

     I have never seriously done that. In the beginning of the year I do contemplate on what I would like to accomplish or achieve but never made a big deal of it-just a personal thought process.  On here I have been reading blogs where many of you choose a word for the coming year.
     However this morning my friend Carol posted about instead of a word-why not a phrase and then make a quilt--I am loving her idea the best so far.

    In any case I hope all of us have a healthy, happy new year ahead with some art and creativity thrown in for sure


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