Sunday, December 18, 2016

Merry Christmas Happy Holidays

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday season to all

  Like many of you we here in the Ozarks-Missouri, are also having a very cold December so far. This morning we are a -1 degree f with wind chills -15 so not going outdoors today except to feed the deer this afternoon.
    I have not done anything for the season so far, except to make lots of handmade soap to pass out to a few friends this coming week. I will start some baking tomorrow just so it feels more festive here. 
    I am still working on setting up a weaving project, reading, and drinking lots of hot tea and hot cocoa, and watching Hallmark's two channels of Christmas movies.

   Wishing you all Good Holidays in the coming weeks.

    Stay warm and cozy everyone.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Welcome in December

    Good morning everyone,  I am actually happy to see December come in this year and as the New Year approaches hopefully a new beginning for all us-mostly to work together for unity, prosperity, and happiness.
     Hoping with the new direction of our country our youth will learn to take value in hard work again and to strive for self accomplishment rather than a hand out
  Just my own personal opinion of course. 

     I will have to say this is the first year of my life that I actually feel like a senior. My body is going through some big changes I am not happy with but my family doctor tells me it comes with age-so be it and am working on accepting these changes.  I need to get serious about more exercises, and really for once in my live change my snacking choices.  I have been blessed in the past of never having to concern myself with such things-but times for me are a changing lol         I had such a bad case of allergies and such last summer and fall that we ended up doing several tests just to be sure of some things-those so far were all positive results. I have one more test end of this month. Sometimes it is just a good thing to know and not wonder about. Put my mind at ease if nothing else.

Happy Dancing News:  December 1st the motel reservations for next year at the Alpine Motel in West Yellowstone opened up. I tried to get a time when this started but the owner never really gave me one-he did say that he would take the calls and emails in the order they came in.
      My friend and I really wanted his one room with the kitchen so we could fill the frig and do our own cooking. 
      This motel is a family owned and run business and his prices for the rooms are so affordable compared to everywhere else I have seen-we would not be able to go on this trip otherwise.
     So I set the alarm to wake up at 1 am which would be midnight his time and sent in an email as to our choices, my friend called in around 8am and left a message-we discovered he was taking no calls so had to leave a phone message-I am thinking this way he could sort through the time stamps on the emails and the calls.
     We both waited patiently on the 1st waiting for the phone to ring-no calls-sigh. 
    Yesterday I went over to my friends to help her cut out and bake over 100 christmas cookies for a church event. So I called in and left a message that we were going crazy waiting and we just would love a call as to if we got in or not. he called and we did!!  
      We got the kitchen and the days we wanted-May is allot less expensive than June and the other summer months and allot less people in the park which is a biggy for us.We also chose this time to view all the baby animals. 
     We chose the week before memorial day so we would be out of the park just before that day. Being this late in May hopefully no snow storms which close roads in the park-but we do know that is possible as it is in June as well.
     So together baking cookies we had big smiles lol

    My friend has a son in the military that wants to join us if he doesn't get deployed. He would love to drive us around too--so now the planning begins. Larry has already bought us a GPS to use for the trip and I just bought a new digital camera since my old one will not hold a charge on the battery. This new Canon has more pixels too.

   So that's the big news for me. I just finished with the spinning project I had been working on-picked that all up off the floor now-and on to threading my loom for a long over do project for a friend.  Watching Hallmark Christmas movies, baking cookies, candies and other fun holiday treats.

   The deer are back eating corn that I put out for them this week. Looks like our little group made it out safe from hunting season so far.  We have an abundance of acorns in the woods this year and since it has been warm til this week,  no need for them to search for the corn. We so enjoy watching them. I need to dig out my seed feeders over the weekend as we will be very frigid cold here next week.

Happy December and Holidays to all of you!!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Time for Peace-Unity-Loving Your Neighbor

  It is time to unite our country as one people, one nation, and to love one another 
     We here in the States are ALL Americans of one Great Nation  It is time to unite and give the new President Elect a chance we have done this in our past history-it's time.

(I found this photo in a google search)

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Saturday, November 12, 2016

It's Time To Unite my Political View


 This was a very heated Presidential race. There is a winner and we must all come together now and unite our country. 
    Those of us that were against the last 8 years of this administration's policies and beliefs were upset and mad but we did not riot and burn flags-it's a freedom we have here to demonstrate but to burn our nations flag and to continue to do so on Veteran's Days????  not acceptable in my eyes.

    We must be kind to each other. We have lost that over the years.

    I know I am a senior now and was raised into a different world than it is now. I did live during the hippie years, the woman's rights movements, and the Viet Nam war when our soldiers were Not welcomed home-a disgrace. My husband will always carry scars from that disrespect being booed and spat on when he stepped back on his homeland. History shows that there are always troubling times but in the end we work it out together as a united country.

     Now I have seen electronics especially smart phones taking over the lives of the younger generation-they no longer need to learn how to think for themselves, This can and should be used as a tool to perhaps better our lives but not used as an obsession. 
     Most would not know how to live or even survive if the world came crashing down on them-very sad in my eyes. Not to know how to do simple math? not to know how to write? Our youth are not getting a basic education any more. I have seen this first hand.

    I can see now more clearly than ever how our country is divided into two major views-one leans towards socialism and wants the government to take care of you-pay for everything; what they forget is by the "government" paying for their wants and needs they don't seem to understand that here in the States- government is "we the people"  So you are asking every American citizen that is a taxpayer to pay for you instead of you working hard on your own to obtain what you desire. Is that fair?
      and the other side of the divide remembers why our country fought to be free-the revolutionary war was to break from that kind of thinking and become a free nation. 

    We have allot of work ahead of us-a tall order for the new administration to bring two opposing views together.  We must try though and stop the hatred and flag burning. We must remember why we became the United States of America in the first place. We have shown in the past why democracy works so it's time to unite and continue to love our country and support her.  Those that continue to say they hate us, disrespect our nation's flag and continue to say they want to leave-I say then do that-go and become a citizen of the country's ideals you believe in and live there-don't change our country to your liking.


Wednesday, November 9, 2016

God Bless America

God Bless America  

     I ended up watching the results on a local channel that admitted to their viewers that they blew it-they were not listening, they were so concerned and reported mostly on ethnic groups during this election and on their own views and totally forgot about rural America, your average citizen and the people that did not have college degrees. I think this is the first time I have ever heard news people admit that they got it wrong and were almost apologizing.
     I was actually offended though on how the news people were constantly stating the Americans with no college degrees-(why do they have to catagorize everyone?? we are All Americans-nothing less nothing more).
     ya know what I guess it comes down to is "street sense"  "common sense", your laborers, farmers, ranchers your hard working class of Americans have spoken. 
   Perhaps Washington will listen now.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Good Morning Everyone

  Loving October so far, although we are in much need of  rain here as we got missed last weekend. So no outdoor work for me til we get a good rain.

  I did get a couple dye projects in last month and still spinning-see here

   We were treated to a fish fry last friday evening. Three couples total and we had such a good time. The guys have been going fishing in Larry's new fishing boat so one friend took all the catfish home cleaned and set up his fryer-he even made a batch gluten free for me. We all brought a dish to pass so good eats with good company.
   This was really nice for the two of us, as we have  not done something like this in years and years. I think we all get along so well that we will be doing this again soon.

   So how have you all been?? The leaves are just thinking about changing colors here-always so pretty when they do. The deer are not coming by on a daily basis for some reason, have seen or heard a few turkeys and the hummingbirds have now left the area.  Neither of us has seen one for three days now so just took down their feeders to clean and then store.
   Now to put up some seed feeders.

Enjoy your day!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Good Morning Saturday & Linky Parties Question

Good morning everyone,

   Any plans for your weekends?  Yesterday I did more dutch oven baking with a gluten free upside down cake-which actually baked better than in my gas oven in less time. This cake is difficult to bake done in the middle so in the house oven half way into the baking time I put a piece of parchment paper on top and then check often til done-but outdoors it baked much more evenly.
    I only use mixes for a couple gluten free baked goods as I know it will turn out and sometimes just easier. The fruit I used in this one was a can of drained no sugar fruit cocktail and diced fresh pears. I set up the dutch oven the same as when I do my pies-on a trivet inside the dutch oven in a glass or glazed pottery pan, coals on top and on the bottom around the edge just barely under the oven. Next time though I will place maybe two or three hot coals under the dutch oven around the center so for this it will carmalize better -but was very pleased.

   I ended up doing a grilled friday too-grilled italian brats, pork and beans doctored up a bit, grilled onions, peppers, my own canned chantrelle mushrooms-the cake was dessert.

   I am off to take a short walk this morning and gather up some more goldenrod before it gets rained on -thinking of experimenting dyeing artists papers-not sure yet.

Those of you that set up linky parties here on your blog-what company or sites do you like to use?? I tried a couple for my Creativity Wednesdays on my Hummingbird Woodland Studio blog and one I just couldn't get to work-and the other one I didn't like, had to pay to personalize it which I thought was a bit much?  Anyways if I get allot of participation a link set up would be nicer for everyone. so any help would be appreciated  Thank you

    Enjoy your weekend-we have a cold front moving in with some rain and promises of fall weather-looking forward to it.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Ouch--- Bit Twice by One of the Huge Bees Here

  This summer these really huge bees had found their way to the hummingbird's sugar water. Not unusual to have to work my way around the wasps-honey bees-or other bees loving the hummingbirds nectar.

  This year we have had these huge ones-I will see if I can get a photo. Not as many right now, they are not aggressive, but this morning I took a feeder down to fill and didn't see any bees on there-but when I turned it over to fill-ouch there was one there I hadn't seen. Was it ever painful and swelled up my ring finger fast-I am glad I thought to take my wedding band off. 
   This hurt worse than when I got bit by those bad spiders or red wasps.
   I soaked it right away in strong vinegar water for about an hour and took a Benydryl-I keep that around for bites like this as it helps to fight off the swelling as does the vinegar. I then used baking soda paste and after four hours took another Benydryl. It still hurts allot but the swelling has gone down from what it was.
  and Yes bees and wasps do bite-you feel the difference as for me it hurts worse-but there is no stinger to contend with.

  That was my excitement for the day lol and blew off my afternoon with a nap. oh well
  Happy Monday everyone.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Introducing Creativity Wednesdays

Good morning Thursday,

     For all of you that read me and love to do art and/or crafts I have started a new blog just for that Hummingbird Woodland Studio   (Kathyinozarks blog will still be my everything else "doings" blog)

   I have also set up a link in the upper right hand sidebar to find me there and visit. 

  This week I decided to set up a link event to share our creativity---Creativity Wednesdays.Thought this would be a fun event to share what we are creating. Any craft, art, even a special recipe, or something handmade for the garden.
    I have set up a link also in the upper right hand column-and would love to have you join in. If you click on the photo it will take you to the information post about our link event. On any Wednesday just pop on over to Hummingbird Woodland Studio with a link to your post.
   Hope you will join us

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Dutch Oven Baking Today-Photos

  Today was the perfect day to try out my new outdoor hearth area and also my new Lodge 12 quart dutch oven. 

  Very low wind, no humidity, and no high temperatures or heat indexes today.
   I decided to make two apple pies one for hubby and one gluten free one for me-which the gluten free pie crust is still a major challenge for me. Did not turn out pretty but I did manage to get the gluten free pie crust into the pan and over the pie-now to see how it tastes. The pie that is not so pretty in the photos is the gluten free one.

   I had apples to use so asked Larry if he wanted raisins or fresh blueberries to go with the apples and he said both -lol so that's what I did. a apple-raisin-blueberry pie for sweetening I used coconut sugar, for thickening I use instant tapioca, for spice I used Penzey's apple pie spice.

   I use trivets inside the dutch ovens and then set the pies on top and then the lid. I place coals on top of the lid and also around the bottom of the dutch oven but not underneath. The cast iron I used for my pie did not have legs so found a trivet to place it on and then again coals on top and coals around the bottom but not underneath.

  I used pottery glazed pie pans, and I did place some parchment paper inside under the trivet in case the blueberries ran over-and it did on my pie so glad I did that-no clean up.

  I am soooo thrilled that my hearth area worked out well for this. I do need to buy more of the red bricks that I use as a wind shield so I can stack those two high-at the time I could not visualize how many to get.

Here are some photos: (click to enlarge)

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Happy First Day of September & Do You Exercise??

  For me August just totally flew by-and sooo fast. July was a rough month and seemed to drag on forever. I am so happy for September as that means fall is just a few weeks away.

  Fall has always been my most favorite time of year. Love the changing fall colors, deep blue skies, and we usually start seeing more deer up by the house.

  The hummingbirds are almost all gone-we still have a couple dozen but I am only filling the feeders twice a day now opposed to 4 or 5 times a day as I had been doing last part of July.

  On another note:

  The last year and a half for me I have gained too much weight (around 8 pounds), and my body is just really changing too-perhaps it is do to my age now-and last year we didn't get in firewood as I had turned the furnace on for winter for the first time ever here. I always had lost 5 pounds from that work out before winter began.
    I stopped walking in June do to the hot weather, rain and all the bugs here, and my left knee started acting up again, which frightened me a bit-as no way do I want surgery of any kind. I really enjoyed the walking-I will take that up again once the humidity is out of here later in the month-just not try to get 8000 steps a day any more.
   So even though I am always doing something in the house-I am not getting much needed exercise.
   I never was one for routine exercise though-never could stick with it, and I am someone that never had to worry about my weight.
   So this week I decided to jump on my ski machine I think it is called by nordic trak which I have had for probably 30 years-and just sits there lol I sure some of you can relate lol  So I grabbed the timer and set it for 5 minutes-wow a huge wake up call on how out of shape I am in now. This morning is the 6th day and it finally went easier-didn't aggravate my asthma this morning and it actually went good. Next week I will add 5 minutes in the evening. 

  I have also never been a big one to drink water throughout the day or actually drink much liquids during the day-so today I am working on that-drink a glass of water in the morning-do my 5 minute exercise and then have my hot tea or decaf coffee. Work on getting another glass or two of water  down during the day. We have good well water here too-so there is no excuse-our well was drilled so deep that it is in an underground river. One of the things that we loved when we bought our property here.

  5 minutes sounds like nothing especially after watching the olympics but when you haven't done any form of physical exercise since early June-- Wow 5 minutes at first seems like a long time. 
   Now it's sticking to it-I am determined to lose 5 pounds and keep it off which for me right now will be a real challenge. I have also gotten into a bad habit of snacking at night while watching tv-I am working on that too-looking for healthier alternatives.

Those of you, seniors especially, that are reading this--how do you stay physically fit??

Have an awesome September everyone!

Friday, August 19, 2016

I Have a Brand New Blog

 I  got inspired by one of my blogging friends to start fresh with a new blog.

  This blog: Kathyinozarks  goes way back since I transfered posts here from Yahoo 360 and Multiply so I will keep this one.  All of you that I follow will remain here as well. 
     I just wanted to start fresh and have a journal for my weaving, spinning, dyeing and other creative projects only. It will be a positive only blog hopefully to inspire me and any one who wishes to follow.

  Here is a link to Hummingbird Woodland Studio I am still getting set up-I have an introduction to explain further hope to see you there too. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Quilters-Sewers-Crafters I have lots of fabric for sale

  Good morning everyone-it's cool and foggy here this week-loving it!

  As you may know from one of my previous posts, I deleted all my items I had for sale on Ebay do to the way Ebay does not support or care about their sellers-although they do love the income from sellers I'm sure.

   Before I list on Etsy I thought I would list some photos of some of the fabrics and if interested just message me. I am also on facebook if you want to pm me there.

  I still have a few really nice Hoffman batiks that some I paid more that $2.00 each for at a quilt fabric store-but am putting those out for $2.00 each plus shipping-I can get quite a few to go first class price or allot in a padded flat rate priority envelope.  photos will enlarge

Update photo 1: 2 and 3 are gone

Photo 2:  2 and 3 are gone

Photo 3: 2 is gone
Photo 4:  2 and 3 are gone
Photo 5: all are gone
Photo 6: all are gone

I also have some really high quality homespun-good weight to the fabric not the cheap homespuns $2.95 each plus shipping

this set measures  out at 21" or 22" wide and 22 " to 23  !/4" long. 

These two are very high quality plaids not sure if I would call them homespuns  These measure out at 22 3/4" x 21 1/2" and the other piece 23 1/4" x 20"     $2.95 each plus shipping

I have more fabrics so this is just a start to see if there is any interest  thanks for looking

Saturday, August 13, 2016

A Much Welcomed Cool Down & Charm Bracelets

  So ready for a cool down and we are getting it this week-big storm went through yesterday a little more rain for the next few days-and cool all week-loving it!

  I have gotten lots of raw wool fleeces washed up-dried-and in their cotton bags. Am now working on lots of navajo churro wool Once that's done it will all be washed and ready to card-spin-weave with this winter.

  My veggie garden is pretty much done for-just too much bad weather this year-too cool of a spring, way too much rain, and then so much extreme heat indexes-and then those beatles came in too. I did get green beans in the freezer, one batch of pickles made, broccoli and pea pods in the freezer, so not a total loss-and we were able to eat fresh veggies for awhile too. Pretty soon I will get in the garden and just start pulling most of it. With the crazy weather here not going to plant a fall garden this year.  I will have plent of work to do pulling tons of weeds instead lol

   Do you have or enjoy charm bracelets? I have always thought they were very cool but have never had one. In the anticipation of my upcoming trip to Yellowstone and other nearby national parks, and also my love for Peggy Henderson's Yellowstone and Tetons historical time travel books I jumped into the world of finding charms.
   and Wow are they ever expensive when you want lots of sterling charms. I decided I was having so much fun hunting for what I wanted to just go with it-lol  A special treat for myself. and kinda cool I am finding online many vintage charms and many signed ones too.
      I am also going through my beads to find colors of the Yellowstone area-my jewelry making friend in California will set up my bracelet with the beads and then I will add the charms-so fun!

   With this cool down perhaps I can try out my dutch oven cooking and baking soon too.

  How has your summer been?? 

Here is a photo in Yellowstone that I would like to capture the colors in beads

Monday, August 8, 2016

EBAY Does NOT Support Their Sellers Under Any Circumstance

Sometimes there is just no way to fight back except to share and spread the word on social media.

My husband is one of only four in the world that knows how to and still repairs scopes-it is a lost art. Most of the brand names no longer fix any of their scopes rather they want to sell you a new one instead. Hubby does mostly vintage and rare scopes-and he is also a power seller with a store on Ebay.

Ebay has and always will be it seems only for the customer-they do Not support the sellers at all for any reason. and that's what I want to spread the word about if you want to set up a store or sell seriously on Ebay. 

He had a customer that bought a scope from his site on Ebay-then decided to take it all apart for some reason-in the process he broke things and scratched the lens and duh-now it doesn't work any more. So he calls up and wants his money returned after he destroyed the scope. 

Two hours on the phone with Ebay and hubby was calm during this whole episode-and at least 5 different people to go through and relay the same story--nope hubby has to give this customer back his money. So enough is enough of dealing with Ebay and he closed his business on Ebay-of course that will take two weeks they can't invoice him now and of course you know what they will do right? take out the money to pay this customer back after the scope will be returned to him

pretty one sided business-and I feel it is really sad to not also support the sellers-but they do not support the seller in any situation only the customer.

I also wanted to mention that even though you state in your listings that you do not pay for return shipping costs or you do not accept returns--in reality not the case as Ebay will tell you do so as they only support the customer. No matter that a seller with a store especially is giving Ebay lots of income and the buyer does not give any income to Ebay.

The last guy he was passed to hubby said sounded like a robot-thanks for calling Ebay and thanks for your business-really???

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Happy First Week of August-and Keeping Busy

  How is your summer going so far??  

We have pretty much been "stuck" in the house so far do to either days of rain (unusual for this time of year here) or hot and steamy.

I am still working on my spinning, and this past month I have gone through my piles of wool and seperated out the bags that were unwashed fleeces and getting those washed up. I have gotten both the grey and the white romney all washed up-wow what a difference in how the wool looks and feels, especially the white. 
    Today I am working on some wool that my fellow Missourian friend sent me-there are a couple different kinds in the bag so starting with the white first. 
    Next up after that collection of wools is some Rambouillet I bought-I wanted to see how it washed and carded up compared to commercial Rambouillet roving.  and then I have a rare bag of North Ronaldsay I bought from England-and then lastly I still have lots of my Navajo Churro to wash up. My goal is to have this all washed up before winter arrives. 
   Then I can play with the carding, and also my blending board which I have yet to work with-and I saw a video on how to make roving with a diz off the board which sounds fun to do.
   Here is a photo of new diz-couldn't resist a buffalo to go with my bear diz lol   It is from The Dancing Goats on Etsy-my teacher for spinning last year This copper with enamels over it-the beard tip is really sharp so I may need to see if I smooth that out a bit.

   My little veggie garden has given me enough green beans to eat and also to freeze. Not enough cucumbers to can so we have been eating and sharing those so far. My tomatoes are so so and not giving me enough to can-but a neighbor friend has loads of them so she sent me home with enough to can salsa with. I did that yesterday and this batch turned out really tasty. If she still has extras to giveaway I will make up and can some tomato soup which I really enjoy having in the pantry.

And and I am planning a trip to Yellowstone National Park with the same neighbor friend in May. Happy dancing!!
     We are both so excited and we are both doing research for the trip. We have the motel picked out and it has one room with a full kitchen so I will be calling on the day they start taking next year's reservations so we can get that kitchen. Neither one of us is into depending on expensive eateries for food.  I called the chamber of commerce of that town and asked about grocery stores and learned although they have two small ones they are very expensive-she told me to shop for food before we arrive as the closest large grocery store is two hours away. 
      From Missouri- Mapquest offers three routes and we will be taking the one that goes through the bottom of South Dakota which will be so much more interesting than driving through the state of Nebraska. I am learning about more National parks out that way too-so hoping to catch a few of them going and coming back.  I didn't know about Teddy Roosevelt National Park that is located in northern North Dakota. That one sounds awesome as it is full of wild horses- bit out of our way so will play that by ear.
    Anyways always fun to plan and look forward to something. The last time I went on a vacation type trip like this was when I lived at home before my senior year. So if this works out will be fun.

   Still have not had the chance to cook in my outdoor "kitchen"  thinking September for sure--and I plan to do some natural dyeing outdoors too so could be out there doing both.

  Today is primary voting day here in Missouri we have some heated races going on too-at least the media doesn't have the winner chosen before we vote-lol I really dislike when they do that.

Have an awesome August everyone

Saturday, July 23, 2016

18th Century Cooking & Just Cooking with Fire

Good morning,
    Since the heat and humidity here are still brutal on a daily basis, I have been reading and watching videos to learn more about cooking over a fire and in dutch ovens. I will then be ready to cook and bake up lots of goodies come fall.

   I thought I would share some links and books that I have discovered with you, in case any of you would enjoy exploring recipes and this kind of cooking-baking out in your back yard or if for camping. I am someone that has always cooked from scratch so I just enjoy this kind of cooking.

   One of the most informative sites I have discovered for 17th and 18th century cooking is with Jas. Townsend and sons videos and blog. If you are into reenactments this is just a wealth of how tos and information. 
    Their videos are here I have been watching them early in the mornings when we get a break from the cost with our internet provider. (we get charged time for streaming and watching videos) 
     I have learned so much already. I am so enjoying these-learned how to bake beans in a pit, breads, all about salt pork and salt beef, ash cakes, gingerbread, meat pies, mushroom catsup and so much more. Videos on using the dutch ovens and videos for making and using a clay oven.
   Their blog Savoring the Past is here

For books; I had mentioned Hearthside Cooking by Crump which I have read through now and anxious to try some recipes. Her recipes mentioned the mushroom catsup and a recipe to make as did a video from Townsend that gave me more insight for its use. It was a main condiment before tomato catsup came about.

I also bought two books by the same author who is a chef.  The author Francis Mallmann wrote Seven Fires and then wrote On Fire.  I had purchased the Seven Fires on sale for kindle and was hooked and knew after reading it that I would want the actual book. These are large gorgeous books.
    When I searched amazon for a used book I discovered he also wrote On Fire.  The author explains fire and how to use it. and his recipes are not so gourmet that one can make them at home. I highly recommend these books if you have an interest of cooking over an open fire.

So are you in an extreme heat wave as well?? we had sooo much rain day after day and now this-the rain returns next week sometime lol   I am greatful for my air conditioner and don't think our health would survive without it. Gives me a better appreciation for my ancestors lives.

Stay cool everyone

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Quilters Crafters Sewers Fabric for Sale

Hi everyone,  I am working on destashing lots of quilt fabrics this week. I put a few in my Etsy shop and I also am listing on Ebay as well.  lots of fat quarter batiks which I am still listing-all are quilt store quality no cheap fabrics.
   If interested or know someone that is please spread the word thank you. I have decided to devote my craft-art time to spinning and weaving now.
     I have not wanted to at all, but I am getting close to parting with my collection of reproduction civil war and 1800s fabrics which I have lots of-if interested in those please contact me I am just not going to get those quilts I have always wanted to make accomplished-just not enough time, especially with my non cooperative left hand now--if I find the right person interested in taking all, I would include some patterns for those as well.

Friday, July 15, 2016

I Can See Improvement With my Spinning

  I just finished up my first bobbin full of spun yarn after my weekend spinning class early this morning. I am so thrilled to finally see that I am improving. I had gotten myself at a stand still on not making nicer yarn.
   This wool is roving from the breed cheviot that I got on Paradise Fibers last year when I was finding sales for practice. This is by Ashland Bay which I really like for a commercial roving. This is actually pretty soft considering the breed.
   The teacher had shown me a different way to hold the fiber while spinning and after coming home and practicing a bit everyday-wow it just clicked yesterday afternoon-don't ya just love it when that happens? My spinning wheel even works better now too-really amazing lol
  And I was able to use my new yarn bowl to get the bobbin yarn on to the niddy noddy-made me smile to use this beautiful bowl (see photos on my blog post of fiber u and photos)

   I also purchased a spinning class while it was discounted over on Craftsy.(thank you Gene for letting us know about the sale)  It is woolens and worsted and just listening to the first part this morning I learned so much more about my spinning wheel and how it works-that right there was worth the money for the class. I am not quite ready for the class yet I don't think but I love the teacher already.

  Knowledge is an amazing tool! and it is never too late to learn that is for sure.

  Happy Friday everyone!!


Tuesday, July 12, 2016

I have Been Plying up my Homespuns-Photos

  After I finished up with spinning the last of the romney from my class, I wanted to try the plying with the one pull in the middle ball of yarn that the teacher taught us. (made the ball of yarn in a ball winder)  I didn't want to forget how to do it. I did my first one late yesterday with the white romney from class.
    This technique was pretty nifty I thought. A friend on facebook wanted me to make a video, but instead I took photos and I found an explanation by Carol Leigh who is well known here in Missouri. here  This must be an older technique as I did not find much about it online.

   Here are photos from yesterday afternoon and today's progress so far. I turned my hanks of yarn into a ball with my ball winder first which has the center pull-so it gives you the two strands. Fun!  
    Since most of my yarn is pretty thick-newbie yarns I didn't think I wanted to ply it-but I love it so better now. Makes me smile.   (all the photos will enlarge)

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Back From Fiber U & Photos

   I must say even though I went by myself  both Saturday and Sunday I had a really good time, loved my classes, and since I had money this year so I could  just "go for it" lol I enjoyed shopping too.  This is the 7th year and I have attended all of them mostly to just look around and perhaps buy something.  Last year I did take the drop spindle class which I really enjoyed and did purchase mostly natural dyes and a little alpaca roving.

   I brought my camera but totally forgot to take photos-and it would have been uncomfortable to do so except in my spinning class which I just totally forgot about. 
    This event is not publicized enough for the vendors in my opinion. Allot of the vendors do also teach classes so they make money that way but some do not. I had a 1pm class so I went in early so I could take my time and visit with some of the vendors-and there was no one shopping that I could see but me from 9 til noon as the rest were in classes. I made a suggestion on their comments form that they really need to bring in the public for the vendors. If vendors don't make money they won't be back. Anyways I felt kinda wierd bringing out my camera with no one else visiting the vendors.

   Saturday's class was Woology which I did learn allot of new things, and there was a nice handout, but the teacher was a little scatter brained lol meaning she jumped all over the place, talked really fast, got off topic allot and she thought our class was 1-4 instead of 1-5. I didn't have a watch so didn't realize it until most were leaving and someone said something to her-she tells everyone to come back to class if they want to lol  It was sooooo cold in that room that everyone froze so I think they were all ready to leave. 
   She went over the fleece. tools, methods of prepping the fiber etc-so it was really useful. She had brought one of her own shetland fleece to show us what it looked like-then gave us bags and said we could take home whatever we wanted. I have washed allot of raw fleece before so I filled up my bag as did one other person.
   As we were leaving the teacher asked me if I would like to take the rest of the fleece home to process-YES of course I would love it lol  So that was cool.  She even gave me a cloth pillowcase with zipper to put it in. I only store my fibers in cotton bags too and I was surprised how many in the class were keeping it in plastic bags-not good.

    Here is a photo of the bag with the shetland fleece (note: all photos will expand to full size just click on them)

Before the class I had spotted her booth with the Unicorn fiber wash and rinse-I really love this product and she had a better price than what I paid online last year. We were given name tags to wear and she looks at my name and says well if you are from (the town I am in) than you must be Kathyinozarks-I am I say lol turns out she was my teacher for the woology class and she lives in my town too-which actually is not really a town but an area in the woods. She breeds long wools and I found out she is part of a fiberarts group here locally-so am excited to check that out and meet new people.

Here are photos of my finds--it was really fun

The first two photos are little bags of alpaca they only had one bag left of that dyed which I thought would be fun to use on my blending board-(second photo is a close up) This was from a local alpaca farm-which I really must find time to visit some day

I really loved this really dark alpaca which I found above in a small bag and below from another alpaca breeder that I always buy a bag or two from-she has such good prices and I love her rovings.

Below was a bit of a splurge for me but I totally fell in love with the colors. This is Ashland Bay the mixed colors is merino and that pretty melon is merino-silk.  I want to play with some of this on the blending board too.  These ladies were referred to me from the facebook page of Fiber U to visit for information about my vintage European wheel. They were so helpful answering my questions that I really wanted to purchase something. My spinning teacher was part of this trio of elder ladies that tour the country selling and teaching. They had just returned from an Alaskan cruise teaching.-I bet that was fun.
   I had taken photos of my vintage wheel as I wanted to ask more about the drive band which I was told was a scotch tension set up-wrong-turns out my Ashford Traveler is a scotch tension and my vintage wheel is a double drive which was good to know.
   While sitting in the lunch room waiting for my class someone came in with a Kromski wheel that looked like the modern version of my vintage.

Visiting this event over the last several years I have always wanted to purchase a pair of alpaca socks and this year I did just that. These come from alpaca fleece grown here in the USA and then these socks and other articles are made in the USA-so it helps out those that raise alpacas.
   The first pair are slipper socks-I love the little alpaca grippers on the bottom of the socks. These will be perfect at my spinning wheel or in my new living room-I don't let anyone wear shoes in there lol 
    I bought these from the two alpaca booths I bought the alpaca fibers from above.

And this was my big purchase of this event--that I had planned for. I talked with an Ashford dealer that would be at this event and she said she had a jumbo flyer for my wheel that she had had for awhile so she would give me a discount. 
     This will enable me to make fat art yarns-so I am excited about this. I need to find my dark stain and stain this up-put the hooks on and take the one maiden off and put this on.  I also found out, which I wish she would have thought to bring since she knew I had an older Ashford wheel is a piece that goes on the maiden that will enable me to use this jumbo flyer and then take off and put my regular flyer back on without having to also take the maiden off too--which would be a good thing as I don't want to be screwing off and on that maiden and possibly wearing out that screw hole in the wood. (hope that made sense lol)

My Sunday class was beginning spinning from 8 am to noon. The original reasoning for the Ashford traveler was so people like me could take them to class easily. However cars made in 1978 and now are much different I can see-lol This wheel was advertised to easily fit over the hump between the seats in a car where the spinning wheel would ride well-not so in my suv type car now. It was too tall to fit in in the back seat area or in the front passenger side-and no big hump anymore either . It did fit way in the back-so I piled up blankets around it so it wouldn't tip over while driving-I was definately in panic attack mode there for awhile lol
    I could not have had a more excellent teacher. There was just 4 of us which was nice-she only wants 6 in her class, and she just started from the beginning explaining the wheel etc.  I had been doing allot of practicing but my yarn is just not improving at all and should by now. One of the reasons I decided to take this class.
    So she watched me and says "quit fiddling with your wool" and she showed me another way to do it. I was glad I had the basics down first before taking this class, but I do need to re learn over what I have been doing for the last year so that is difficult right now. With practice I believe my spinning will improve.
   There were two that were total beginners-knew nothing at all about spinning so they were grasping the idea but having a difficult time for sure. The other lady was doing really well-she had the newer Ashford like mine. She ended up telling us that this was her 3rd beginning spinning class and with this teacher and her past experience she finally "got it"  I am hoping I feel the same after a week or so.
    The teacher also told me that my scotch tension line was too short and that is why I am having problems with my tension adjustments. The spring is not to be fully expanded and there is just not enough length on the fishing line--so that was a plus to learn. Since hubby is an avid fisherman I can easily put new on.

   Have not attempted to ply my own yarn yet-actually my yarn has been definately singles until just recently. She showed us a really cool way to do this-at least totally new for me. I had purchased a lazy kate when I had sold off allot of quilty things but for a two ply this was nifty. She had one of those ball winders that gives you a center pull-I actually have one of these that hubby bought at a garage sale thinking I could use it-well now for sure lol  anyways hers had a little clamp on the back that she just clipped to the spinning wheel-she took the spun yarn from the bobbin and put the end right on to the ball winder and wound it up-then she took the center pull and the outside end yarn attached it to the bobbin and then holding the two pieces apart she spun it the opposite twist right back onto the bobbin-very cool I thought-and then she would put on a niddy noddy and wet finish.
   Our teacher has 30 years plus spinning experience so we were all just asking questions in class-an awesome learning experience for me

   One nice tip for you spinners that do not already know this-she told us a less expensive way to buy oil. Buy one bottle of the spinning wheel oil cause the container and long tip is perfect to use-but after that buy 30 weight non detergent motor oil at a wal mart type store and re fill your bottle  Loved that one. I asked how often to oil and she says every new day she sits down to spin she always oils everything that moves.

So an awesome weekend learning experience for me.

A few months ago I was on Etsy looking at handmade pottery knitting bowls-I love and collect handmade pottery and thought this would be really nice to use and place my spun spools into and get them on the niddy noddy, and also when using the warping board to also put my yarns in there-through the holes to keep everything tidy and not running all over the place. I know I could just grab a big plastic bowl or something but what fun is that??
      I found a potterer that I totally fell in love with-and we designed a bowl together-I wanted it to be larger not so tall and with motifs of the plants that I use here in my woods for natural dyeing. Over the weekend she sent me photos-that it was done-I Love it!! So beautiful

I told you it was gorgeous can't wait to get it she is in Colorado here is her shop

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Getting Ready for My Classes at Fiber U and Still Raining

    This Saturday and Sunday is Fiber U in a city near me. They host this event once a year now in July. Lots of vendors selling all things fiber, spinning, weaving, and more, and several classes offered.
   On Saturday afternoon, I am taking a 4 hour class all about raw fleece and supposed to have allot of handouts. I am anxious for this one to learn more. I don't think at my age now I will buy too much more raw wool to process but I wanted the knowledge on what to look for.  I had bought some raw romney wool last year on Ebay and the white was in really really bad shape-the grey romney seems better. Of course I wouldn't be able to examine when buying on Ebay but I will be better prepared on what questions to ask. I have found some really nice wools there.
   I will go in early to shop and talk with an Ashford dealer too. I ordered more bobbins, and want to inquire about a jumbo flyer so I can make some bulky fun art yarns. I had seen a video about spinning in mini crochet flowers and still want to do that-I found some nice ones over on Etsy handmade in Switzerland. I thought the price seemed reasonable and I do not crochet or knit. I just think that would be some fun yarn.
   I bought my Ashford Traveler back in 1978 and when I inquire about different updates like this-they cost half as much as what I originally paid for my wheel back then-lol She said she had an older model jumbo flyer so will compare prices and see if it is too much of a hassle to change up the flyers.
   They have a little showcase area where we can show off something we have made and can put down information on how one can purchase. So I am hoping to sell my handwoven shrug there, or at least hear about feedback from it.
   Saturday will pretty much be a long day for me. I decided to take my 4 hour spinning class early Sunday morning instead of taking both classes the same day. I think I will be more alert for my classes that way.
   My spinning has improved from 3 months ago, but I am still not getting my yarn fine enough. I also have questions on using the different speeds on my flyer. This was an update from the original flyer with 3 speeds that I bought last year. I have no idea really how to use the different speeds-must depend on the type of wool? not sure. 
   I am thinking of also bringing my wheel that came from Europe that uses a scotch tension-to have the teacher show me how to do that-I had tried it but not sure I got it right-and at the time-wasn't getting it to spin right.
  So I am excited for this coming weekend of spinning fun.

and it is still raining here-almost every day and the extreme hot and steamy conditions are upon us again. I have been anxious to try out my dutch oven cooking but the weather is just not good yet. 110 heat index is a bit much for open fire cooking or dutch oven cooking lol


Sunday, July 3, 2016

It's a Very Rainy Weekend & Update Photos

  We don't complain about rain too much here as we are usually in drought conditions during the summer months-and we finally got an awesome cool down-loving that for sure. The steamy hot returns on Tuesday so enjoying the rain and cool fresh air for now.
    I had hopes to try out my dutch oven baking this weekend but it is pretty much a wash out here til late Monday-but in time for those going to the fireworks on the 4th.
    Here is my latest photos with more gravel brought in-I still need lots more in the area but my back has been good to me so far, so a needed break with that for a week. I am really loving the outcome.
  The second photo shows the back-I brought in some rocks that I found here on the property for more of a fire break back there-Miss Calico thinks I have built her a new kitty box-not so I keep telling her lol
   And a photo of the rain coming down out the front door.
(all photos will enlarge)

We had a nice visit with our Chicago friend. He drove down and just stayed a few days. He did not want to go fishing or anything, just needed to get away from the city and some stress stuff. It was really hot still at the time too so I don't think fishing on the lake would have been very enjoyable. I always enjoy cooking for one more.

I needed a couple nice trivets to put inside my dutch ovens to hold up pies and breads especially from sitting directly on the bottoms of the dutch ovens. I could have improvised with tuna cans or something like that-but I enjoy pretty tools so went online to hunt. I fell in love with the Le Creuset cast iron with porcelain trivets I found lots of them on ebay. But wow the prices they get. 
    They retail for around $70.00 to start with so the bidding prices mostly started around that price and went way up. I had my limits of what I would pay so did find one seller with three of them that she had put out at low prices-lost those. Then I totally fell in love with a seller's matching pair of blue trivets that he said he picked up at an estate sale. The bidding started out low and I never saw any bids so I put my bid in and could not believe that I won them-$20.00 a piece with shipping-I can live with that although still pricey.  
    I did feel bad that for some reason this item was not found by others, or perhaps people did not want two, or perhaps I was just meant to have them. So I wrote him a note that I felt bad that he did not get much money for these but wanted him to know that his trivets went to a good home and would be used and loved. He told him he appreciated my note and we was disappointed in the bids but still made money so he was pleased I got them.
   When I went to town to pick up a few things at our Wal Mart I checked at the grill area and finally found gloves that I hope will keep my hands from burning-it said these were totally heat resistant so we'll see. and then I found those stainless kabob pieces. I had seen these used on a Food Network show and thought they were brilliant-so was surprised to find them there. Of course hubby and others are laughing at me that I bought  I think they will be perfect for grilled veggies and mushrooms.

If the rain should move out earlier on Monday I am still hoping to bake at least a pie in my new dutch oven-if not first clear day I am anxious to do that.

Hope your Holiday 4th is a good one.

A card for you here


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